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marked by defiance

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wilfully obstinate

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If the bankruptcy judge believed that contumacious behavior necessitated imprisonment or a fine exceeding $250, the then-standard process of certifying facts to the district court governed.
These experiences have taught us that one cannot expect that students with trajectories of failure, of unsuccessfulness, seen and labeled as contumacious losers, will change on their own (as if change was an eminently individual fact) (4) and acquire a new perspective to face education and learning as necessary and important for their lives.
However, those who want to know their real feelings for the man who inspired millions of people by his sterling qualities of head and heart need to read just Arun Shourie's contumacious book Worshipping False Gods: Ambedkar And The Facts Which Have Been Erased.
It is time he were brought to book, and with him the National Agreement magnates who have given, and are still giving, him encouragement in his contumacious attitude, for purely selfish and personal reasons, regardless of the general effect upon "organized ball.
Who's ill, tired, contumacious, sour, foreswearing After last night?
While Will is infrequently responsible for producing his own sleep, on one occasion his contumacious rebuke of Reason makes him, like the dreamer in Pearl, responsible for being propelled out of it.
Scharf, Chaos in the Courtroom: Controlling Disruptive Defendants and Contumacious Counsel in War Crimes Trials, 39 CASE W.
Among other matters, it asked the voters to approve important amendments to the Evidence Code creating a forfeiture hearsay exception and declaring contumacious witnesses unavailable.
The absence of sanctions for this contumacious behavior only serves to fuel litigation games and delay adjudications at a great expense to the U.
ADI 2213 MC/DF, is about the presidential abuse in the indiscriminate and contumacious issuing of provisional measures and, although it touches the social function of the property when discussing the land issue and the agrarian reform, it does not debate the environmental issue and therefore did not deserve prominence in this research.
His new secretary of state John Kerry deceives himself if he thinks he can resolve the Middle East conundrum, cozying up to contumacious caitiffs.
The drastic remedy of striking the defendant's answer pursuant to CPLR 3126 is not warranted here, as plaintiff has not shown that the defendant's failure to produce documents responsive to the Second Notice was willful, contumacious or in bad faith (seeRini v Blanck, 74 AD3d 941,902 NYS2d 185 [2d Dept 2010]; Kesar v Green Ridge Enters.
51) This confinement was intended to address "willful refusal to pay and was an action taken for contumacious conduct rather than as the imposition of punishment for the offense of which the defendant had been convicted.
Conduct must be contumacious and take place in presence of the court.
In either event it raises no public interest issues, yet evokes salacious private and prurient interest and contumacious internet violation of a flagrant kind.