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marked by defiance

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wilfully obstinate

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57) Nevertheless, the court also notes, "we believe the fine of an accused confined for contumacious conduct is not discharged regardless of how much confinement he serves; nor is an indigent accused's fine discharged if the fine enforcement provision is not transformed into punishment.
In the above mentioned backdrop the apparent persistent, obstinate and contumacious resistance, failure or refusal of the Chief Executive of the Federation, i.
This drastic relief is authorized by CPLR 3126(3), (21) but will only be invoked where "the party's failure to comply with a disclosure order was the result of willful and contumacious conduct.
147) According to Zype, the contumacious failure by an advocate in Antwerp to act for a poor litigant when ordered to do so allowed his name to be removed by the judge from the register of the court (ex albo expungi).
She commands of her son Eros (Cupid): My dear son, punish that contumacious beauty," give thy mother a revenge as sweet as her injuries are great.
Never have I found him autocratic, contumacious, or narrow of outlook.
In imposing a fine for criminal con tempt, the trial judge may consider the extent of the willful and deliberate defiance of the court's order, the seriousness of the contumacious behavior, the public interest in ending the defendant's defiance, and the importance of deterring future acts.
6) The court then announced the following standard: "A deliberate and contumacious disregard of the court's authority will justify application of this severest of sanctions, as will bad faith, willful disregard or gross indifference to an order of the court, or conduct which evinces deliberate callousness.
For the majority of crimes, the criminal had been sentenced and banned as contumacious by the court of the podesta.
This transaction has a murky and contumacious history.
there is a clear record of delay or contumacious conduct, or when other
The Selected Essays were written over the course of a half-century (19532004), or almost one-quarter of the lifespan of the Republic that is Vidal's primary subject--though it might more accurately be said that Vidal has been a contumacious patriot of the Old Republic for nigh the entirety of the post-Republic era.
All three subscribe to the belief in a God who, in supposed inimitable wisdom, justice, and love, created everything, then placed contumacious humans as custodians of this cosmos.
WOULD not Alison Taylor regard shoplifting, dangerous driving and manslaughter as contumacious behaviour?
Walking out of the court in the midst of trial and having themselves surrounded by armed men in public does not only display respondents' contumacious act of disrespect to the court but also shows their open hostility against the government,'' he said.