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  • verb

Synonyms for controvert

to refuse to admit the truth, reality, value, or worth of

Synonyms for controvert

prove to be false or incorrect


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81) Given that oligopoly theory is primarily theoretical, and both empirically demonstrable and controvertible, an economic expert may not rise above the "`evidentiary high jump'" bar required by Daubert.
Otherwise, it can grow unbounded and produce results that are less meaningful and more controvertible.
And of course, "census-taking" is not just controvertible, it's also litigable.
The Government believes that supplements achieve this, but they are mere sticking plaster against true and controvertible figures of escalating child poverty and overbalance of payments.
Despite all these assertions, the accuracy of self-report surveys of drug and alcohol use seems controvertible.
These results would constitute a clear public health benefit, but the estimate is based on uncertain biology and controvertible medical science.
and idiosyncratic travel books underrated, and Edith's poetry after Gold Coast Customs (1929) overrated, these are merely matters of subjective taste; less controvertible are the figures of the tides from their huge output which still appear in the 1994 British Books in Print: Edith four, Osbert three, Sacheverell five.
But what is not controvertible is the fact that black students are on goddamn campuses for specifically traceable historical, political, adversarial reasons that the you speaking (who says, "I have this student who's doing this") even now would like to deny in the name of some trans-something.
Finally, the suggested increase in land concentration is also controvertible in the light of the operation of the existing inheritance laws.
With "ownership" of one's own tissues and organs a controvertible concept, an uncritical adoption of the property approach for the genetically and functionally distinct tissues and organs of the fetus seems particularly unwise.