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Synonyms for controvert

to refuse to admit the truth, reality, value, or worth of

Synonyms for controvert

prove to be false or incorrect


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This complex process took many decades for scientists to decipher, not least because it controverted standard theories of evolution.
hat testimony was controverted by the owner's expert, a licensed New York engineer who opined that he did not observe any excessive sloping or sagging in the floor, any evidence of chronic leaks, or any structural defects.
wades into the controverted waters of what Paul means by stoicheia, the "elemental spirits," in Galatians (4:3,9).
These are imposing works of art, the weight, mass and density of which are controverted by fragility and reasserted by lacerating edges.
In his response to Taylor, Kenneth Grasso (chapter 2) wonders whether Taylor's opposition to such moral and spiritual reductionism--not an incredibly controverted position taken by itself--refects a deeper criticism of the moral norms on which Christians depend for sustenance.
The allegation made and reiterated in the affidavit and the documents placed on record have not been controverted.
The bench said, " Earlier, it was said there were three PCR vans and no one controverted it but now you are saying there were two PCR vans.
In what follows, this paper presents [he principal features of a sensible clause while elaborating upon the need to extend conscientious objection to include referral, a particularly controverted claim.
Preoccupied with the presenting and controverted issues of the day, we lack the inspiration he offers, and we end up giving him the stable, when we should be giving him the inn.
In controverted areas it is my responsibility to teach what the Church has said and why.
Perhaps because several of the essays in this volume derived from public lectures to a general audience, they are remarkably accessible even when addressing highly complex and controverted issues.
Judge Dau's ruling will become the final decision of the trial court unless any party raises controverted issues or proposes modifications by Nov.
47) The minority view, taken by the Tenth and Seventh Circuits, is that feasibility is presumed controverted unless the company expressly admits to feasibility.
That complexity reflects a mix of controverted justifications, enforcement mechanisms that implicate privacy interests and feature an inverse relationship between expense and reliability, and historically untrustworthy national and international enforcement authorities.
David wrote his doctoral dissertation on Christ's descent into hell, which had become a controverted matter among sixteenth-century reformers, and that piece of Christ's biography, which also became his own biography, remained a centerpiece of David's theology.