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  • verb

Synonyms for controvert

to refuse to admit the truth, reality, value, or worth of

Synonyms for controvert

prove to be false or incorrect


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The central hypothesis of this paper that globalization programme in Africa triggers de-industrialization, as measured by profitability and asset underdevelopment in the manufacturing sector, is controverted by empirical evidence from this study.
He claimed that the company also denied him his safety bonus and controverted his unemployment benefits claim.
Preoccupied with the presenting and controverted issues of the day, we lack the inspiration he offers, and we end up giving him the stable, when we should be giving him the inn.
and considers how the recent writings of the "New Musicology" have controverted what used to be a simple, even trivial, question.
See also Watson v Navistar Intl Trans Co, 121 Idaho 643, 653-54, 827 P2d 656 (1992) ("The chief merit claimed for the jury system is that it requires for a verdict the combined judgment of the several members, or of a lawful majority, upon the controverted questions of fact, which can be had only after solemn deliberation.
In controverted areas it is my responsibility to teach what the Church has said and why.
Perhaps because several of the essays in this volume derived from public lectures to a general audience, they are remarkably accessible even when addressing highly complex and controverted issues.
enacted in the exercise of powers not controverted, must yield to
His instruction was 'to avoid any measure and indeed any debate respecting the financial, and political questions controverted in the colony'.
That complexity reflects a mix of controverted justifications, enforcement mechanisms that implicate privacy interests and feature an inverse relationship between expense and reliability, and historically untrustworthy national and international enforcement authorities.
The insignificant press items from the time are biased and controverted in key particulars.
The right to organize voluntary religious associations to assist in the expression and dissemination of any religious doctrine, and to create tribunals for the decision of controverted questions of faith within the association, and for the ecclesiastical government of all the individual members, congregations, and officers within the general association, is unquestioned.
I must conclude that the purported justification for this needless limitation upon a time-honored, recognized method of advancing a controverted action to judgment is illogical and nonsensical," Lewis wrote.
Whenever the Constitution is not completely transparent, so that its interpretation is at issue and is controverted, its interpretation should be settled by majoritarian institutions.