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A simple reading of the evidence presented and the testimonies of the witnesses and her [Sereno] refusal to controvert these during our extensive hearings will lead us to establish probable cause to impeach Chief Justice Sereno,' Umali said.
It is obvious that since the hoodlums and their paymasters could not controvert the facts and kernel of our press conference which centred on the unmitigated misgovernance of Kogi State, rather than tow the path of moral rectitude, they have resorted to crude intimidation of elders old enough to be their fathers and grandfathers,' the statement added.
The Ombudsman said in a consolidated resolution that "while the amount returned by Argosino to the Department of Justice lacked P1,000, it cannot excuse them from being indicted for plunder" because, according to the statement, "they failed to controvert, by clear and convincing evidence, the claims of Norman Ng and Alex Yu.
During the course of proceedings, Bashir pleaded before the bench that neither the trial court's judge appreciated the facts and evidence on the record nor considered the aspect and not a single defence witness was produced to controvert the allegations levelled against the suspects.
More fundamentally, does it controvert America's principles?
Nasrallah's insistence on supporting the regime of Bashar al-Assad stems from his realization that the ouster of Assad would controvert Hezbollah's policies in Lebanon and its plans abroad, and would weaken its stances and influence, forcing it to politically reposition itself, and seek moderation in dialogue and the demands made on its rivals.
In addition, the patient did not controvert the evidence from the defendants' expert that Dr.
I do not want to say anything to controvert anyone saying anything on the bill," he added.
On the other hand, Nostromo is seen as an attempt to controvert readers' expectations about narrative, and especially narrative endings.
This "finding" seems to controvert the results of the last JVIB readers' survey, in which the majority of respondents indicated that they felt the journal published too much research and shared their wishes for more practice-oriented articles.
But the sciences themselves are subject to scrutiny in court, where hired experts controvert each other and juries of laymen or panels of judges must decide among them.
This is an invitation--even for its detractors--to give it a shot before trying to controvert it.
In the opening chapter of this collection, researchers at the National Cancer Institute discuss the clinical applications, side effects, and overall effects of androgen-deprivation therapy, clinical studies that support or controvert its use in selected patient populations and stages of prostate cancer, and the biology of castrate-resistant prostate cancer and novel approaches to its treatment.
Murray involved a total controvert in a proceeding before a judge of compensation claims in which the claimant prevailed, whereas the bulk of workers' compensation cases settle.
Controvert, or, On the lie; and other philosophical dialogues.