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marked by or capable of arousing controversy

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Whereas Protestants measured the opinions of the Church Fathers against the testimony of the Bible and accused Catholics of abandoning earliest Christianity, Catholic controversialists emphasized the Fathers as guarantors of an unbroken tradition that connected the Catholic Church with the Apostles.
Certain English Protestant controversialists had a simple explanation: they regarded the earthquake as divine, punishment on Catholic for being Catholics.
Among all the Catholic reformers and controversialists, Fabri was likely the best informed regarding the differences among various reformation factions, and he spoke knowledgeably about the lack of unity among the early Anabaptists.
Hostility to idolatry was a widely held concern for Christian controversialists of the Reformation era.
Ironically, this incompatibility among rival religious truth claims is often less well grasped among Christians today, in an era of polite-at-all-costs ecumenical dialogue, than it was among antagonistic Christian controversialists in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Catholic Controversialists 1518-1525 (Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 1991).
This at once faintly absurd but also somewhat unsettling circumstance is what made the doctrine of utility so vulnerable to caricature at the hands of popular controversialists like Thomas Babington Macaulay and Thomas Carlyle --and Hazlitt himself in essays like "The New School of Reform" and "The Utilitarian Controversy.
However, if the Lutheran evangelicals' new modes of reading and understanding bring fundamentalist tyranny, what do the Catholic controversialists who oppose them represent?
Felicity Heal, in an outstanding contribution, elaborates on the manner in which, for Catholic and Protestant controversialists, "the issue was not the acceptance or rejection of the tools of history, but what type of history spoke most directly to their claims" (111).
By attempting to do otherwise I should only add one more recruit (and a very ill-qualified recruit) to the ranks of controversialists.
Writers and artists, philosophers and musicians, scientists, historians, controversialists, explorers, and politicians: The New Criterion has specialized in resuscitating important figures whose voices have been drowned out by the demotic inanities of pop culture or embalmed by the dead hand of the academy.
IN reply to those who criticise Sir Jeremy Beecham (Voice of the North, April 10), there always have been controversialists unable to resist winding their opponents up and determined to get the last word in.
His books say little about the cult of the Virgin Mary, which was often a big issue with Protestant controversialists.
Nevertheless, proponents punished the controversialists throughout the 1980s, whereas the proportion between for and against at the beginning of the 21st century changed dramatically (this is our opinion, not based on any exact data, but we intend to follow up on this proposition by examining the literature with the issue of orientation in mind).
36) Stephen Greenblatt argues that the material remainder of the Mass--the crumbs of bread and the dregs of wine, and by extension the empirical permanence of the elements' accidents--constituted the main problem of the Mass for both Protestant controversialists and Catholic apologists (Catherine Gallagher and Stephen Greenblatt, Practicing New Historicism [Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2000], 136-62.