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It won't be disputed, I think, that Curnow is not just the premier poet, but the best critic, the most effective controversialist, and indeed the most acute intellect.
It is not the essay of a controversialist, nor is it offered from a confessional standpoint.
Objective: The project studies the life and works of Meredith Hanmer (1543-1604), a historian of Welsh descent whose fascinating track record as a clergyman, controversialist, scholar and converter of Turks still awaits investigation.
When the Christian controversialist journalist and broadcaster Malcolm Muggeridge resigned from his role as Booker judge in 1971 on the grounds that most of the entries were "mere pornography in the worst sense of the word," the prize's administrators sought to publicize the accusation.
Luminaries glimpsed include the journalist and controversialist, Benjamin Hoare (1842-1932), (4) the Winter brothers, Samuel (1843-1904) and Joseph (1844-1915), (5) and identities later prominent in local politics such as P J O'Connor (1862-1923), Mayor of Richmond (1896) and MLA for Fitzroy (1901-1902).
Black comedy, controversialist, counterintuitive, always trying to rub people up the wrong way.
Noted military historian, critic, and professional controversialist Martin van Creveld has now tackled the subject in a broad way with his latest work, The Age of Airpower.
Again in these sermons we hear Luther at work as a controversialist, demarcating true Christian teaching from false.
Curated by the Polish artist and controversialist Artur Zmijewski, whose previous work includes a video in which he pressures a reticent Holocaust survivor to re-tattoo the fading concentration camp number his arm, the collection of agitprop art offers a rather singular view of the Israeli-Arab conflict.
He was a remarkable polemicist, humanist controversialist.
and came to the view that Chesterton, whose fame as a writer, journalist and controversialist has faded since his death in 1936, was 'a much bigger figure' than he had thought.
He could be a cruel controversialist and relished a fight with those he disliked or opposed.
He was orthodox, conservative and belligerent; what in contemporary terms would be called a controversialist.
George Will writes in the preface to Athwart History that Bill Buckley was "the most consequential political controversialist since Thomas Paine.
Giovanni Pietro Francesco Aguis de Soldanus (1712-70) was an ecclesiastic, a historian, a grammarian, a lexicographer, a controversialist, and a librarian whose literary and linguistic contributions to Malta and the Maltese language are celebrated here in four essays from the Conference on Aguis de Soldanus at the University of Malta in May 2007, and a fifth reprinted with updated footnotes from a 1996 Malta Historical Society publication.