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The controller chassis is designed for lower system cost without sacrificing high-tech performance.
An extremely valuable capability that clustered network storage systems bring to customers is the ability to "stretch" the clustered controllers within campus distances.
Simply put, we win in conflict because of the "First There, Last Out" combat controllers.
High-end RAID controllers allow the addition of ch-ives to a controller and dynamically adds them to existing drives, thereby increasing the size of the usable space without reformatting the entire drive subsystem.
Plans call for the controller, which is just 7 inches high and not much wider, to be priced under $99 and on the market by this summer.
Whether you hire a controller or a CPA, it's still your responsibility to keep abreast of the day-to-day financial status of your business.
A companion compactibility controller, which works in conjunction with the moisture controller described above, also is available.
The Application Policy Controller and Network Policy Controller feature a business rule engine with an intuitive user interface that enables both technical and non-technical business personnel to easily create and modify policies that govern how, when and under which circumstances subscribers can access applications and network resources.
Introducing FIT controller for material loaders and real-time web-based MRP software developed by Liad Weighing & Control in Israel.
Said differently, each storage controller within a distributed cluster provides storage volume (LUN) access without requiring that another paired or partner controller exist.
SST's ATA Flash Disk Controller can recognize up to five external flash memory devices, up to 1 Gigabit density each, to create as large as a 640 MByte flash drive.
While the Speedster Controller can be used as a regular PS2 controller, gamers looking for extra control and realism from their racing games can unlock the Twist[deg]n[deg]Turn axis, giving the controller a wheel-like function full of accuracy.
Temperature controller models available in 1/4-, 1/8- and 1/16-DIN cut-out sizes with thermocouple, RTD, and process input.
To understand the processing steps required to flow data through a storage controller, let's look at a typical RAID-5 write command (see Table).
com), a company founded by the developers of the world's first direct execution Java(TM) technology microprocessor, announced three deployments of its just released Java M2M (machine-to-machine) edge controller at the CTIA conference this week.
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