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Synonyms for controlled

tending to keep one's thoughts and emotions to oneself

Antonyms for controlled

restrained or managed or kept within certain bounds

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Chris Higgins, General Manager of Hort Americas was contacted regarding the company's decision to write this book, "Hort Americas constantly receives emails and phone calls from a wide variety of people interested in becoming involved with hydroponic food production and controlled environment agriculture.
Kingspan Controlled Environments will be headed by general manager Mark Crimmins, who joins the company from Kingspan Access Floors, where he was business development director.
Generally, concept cars are shown in controlled environments.
In this controlled environment the Tiger Muskie grew at a faster rate than the DOW estimated.
Our new website demonstrates the depth and breadth of our expertise, our client care program and a long track record in decontaminating controlled environments.
Strategy implementation in Controlled Environment Business Area includes developing sales channel for life science and industrial customers, driving regional expansion and enhancing offering in order to create value for customers' operations.
Recent expansion brings Zeus' total Class 7 Certified manufacturing capabilities to 10,000 sq ft of controlled environment operating under ISO 13485 guidelines
Maintained in a thermostatically controlled environment, the TDA has the sensitivity and stability to repeatably characterize copolymers even at low concentrations, according to the manufacturer.
The exhibit lays out Disney's ground-breaking ideas about architecture and design and the way they combined to create a highly lucrative, highly controlled environment that pillowed visitors from the buffeting of modern society, allowing them to relax into an idealized past and a hopeful future.
Contract Notice: Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) platform for static and dynamic imaging of various samples in air and liquid including potential controlled environment.
Waban SCE (Statistical Computing Environment) provides a controlled environment for the management of analyses and reporting in a 21CFR11 manner with full audit trail and traceability.
Through this program, Controlled Environments Magazine(TM), a Vicon publication, recognizes and rewards superior products, technologies, and facilities in the contamination prevention and controlled environment industry.
High-performance equipment and supply items for personal protection, emergency response, facilities maintenance, hazardous chemical storage/ handling, environmental monitoring, laboratory and radiation protection and controlled environments are detailed.
This processing system requires several procedures that must be carried out under strictly controlled environments to minimize the risk of microbial contamination.
BOSTON -- Organizers of Clean and Controlled Environments 2006 would like to remind prospective attendees to register now for the best possible rates, as advance discounts end May 1, 2006.
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