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Synonyms for controlled

tending to keep one's thoughts and emotions to oneself

Antonyms for controlled

restrained or managed or kept within certain bounds

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173(d), a financial holding company includes a depository institution controlled by the financial holding company and a subsidiary of such a depository institution.
It is advantageous to select the fewest number of indicative parameters that can be controlled and provide reliable data.
However, in what came to be known as a "Morris Trust transaction," the Service did not require gain recognition if either Distributing or Controlled were subsequently acquired in a tax-free transaction.
482 to require that consideration for intangible property transferred in a controlled transaction be commensurate the income attributable to it.
The temperature and flow rate are controlled to keep the process constant, regardless of the ambient temperature.
Extensive range of single-feed hot-runner nozzles and multifeed bushings includes internally heated bushings based on thermocouple-controlled 24-v cartridge heaters; externally heated sensitive materials; multitip bushings with up to eight independently controlled tips within one bushing body; patented valve-gate bushings; and hybrid nozzles, which have been supplied up to 1300 mm, combining the gate-vestige control of the 24-v thermocouple cartridge bushing front section with low-pressure drop of the extended length rear section open-flow bushing.
Negative-pressure hot-oil or hot-water units incorporate an on-hoard vacuum pump to generate a controlled and reliable negative pressure.
Digitally controlled quick-change systems simplify material change-over by blending at the molding machine inlet.
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