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Synonyms for controlled

tending to keep one's thoughts and emotions to oneself

Antonyms for controlled

restrained or managed or kept within certain bounds

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173(d), a financial holding company includes a depository institution controlled by the financial holding company and a subsidiary of such a depository institution.
It is advantageous to select the fewest number of indicative parameters that can be controlled and provide reliable data.
However, in what came to be known as a "Morris Trust transaction," the Service did not require gain recognition if either Distributing or Controlled were subsequently acquired in a tax-free transaction.
482 to require that consideration for intangible property transferred in a controlled transaction be commensurate the income attributable to it.
The temperature and flow rate are controlled to keep the process constant, regardless of the ambient temperature.
Extensive range of single-feed hot-runner nozzles and multifeed bushings includes internally heated bushings based on thermocouple-controlled 24-v cartridge heaters; externally heated sensitive materials; multitip bushings with up to eight independently controlled tips within one bushing body; patented valve-gate bushings; and hybrid nozzles, which have been supplied up to 1300 mm, combining the gate-vestige control of the 24-v thermocouple cartridge bushing front section with low-pressure drop of the extended length rear section open-flow bushing.
The implemented control subsystem can be controlled in real-time by the embedded system processor, allowing users to build control loops whose coefficients adjust as the system moves from startup to quiescent.
Until now, however, their design required considerable expertise in analog design techniques as well as an intimate knowledge of the process being controlled.
Negative-pressure hot-oil or hot-water units incorporate an on-hoard vacuum pump to generate a controlled and reliable negative pressure.
Conventional flight control actuation, known as fly-by-wire, is controlled electrically, but powered hydraulically.
Digitally controlled quick-change systems simplify material change-over by blending at the molding machine inlet.
The resources on the Total Control 2000 media gateway are controlled by the CommWorks 4000 softswitch via the interfaces specified in the H.
With Lightspeed Systems Traffic Control for e-Business at the gateway, network traffic for multiple systems can be optimized and controlled to provide application scalability and reliability.
Firewall Control Manager allows customers to provide controlled access to certain resources on a case-by-case basis, without any threat to their mission-critical corporate resources.
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