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Synonyms for controllable

capable of being governed

Synonyms for controllable

capable of being controlled


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This paper describes an activity concerning the design and the development of a new controllable cooling pump based on an MRF clutch.
The design, manufacture and delivery of: - 13 sets of controllable control valves for 13 valves, - a set of controllable control valves for the End Box.
Customers who experience a controllable event will always have the JetBlue USD 100 per person change/cancel fee waived by JetBlue Getaways.
Regardless of which mission you're flying, each flight includes two segments when we're at something close to the airplane's minimum controllable airspeed: takeoff and landing.
These indexes calls non-controllable or somewhat controllable.
The Kazakh veterinary service prohibited import of all controllable goods from the enterprises of Kyrgyzstan which produce, process and store controllable goods delivered to the Customs Union member states.
International Resource News-January 10, 2012--Engineered Machined Products Inc to launch fully controllable electric oil pump(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
We understand this includes a review of initial RAB values, regulated controllable expenses, regulatory rates of return, etc.
According to Bloomberg, Liu Mingkang, former head of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, said that the risks associated with Chinese banks' property loans were 'totally controllable.
Judging from the audit results, risks of China's local government debt are generally controllable," the ministry said in comments posted on its website.
The three longest papers in this collection investigate the magnetic pulsed compaction of nanosized powders, phase selective and morphology controllable synthesis of titania nanocrystals, and nanoparticle synthesis by thermal plasmas.
harvest/ hunter/day) for two groups, mallard Anas platyrhynchos and other dabbling ducks (tribe Anatini), at IDNR sites as functions of controllable, partially controllable and uncontrollable factors.
The authors analyze four properties of performance measures: controllable risk, uncontrollable risk, distortion, and manipulability.
1", the actuation speed is controllable from 25 ms to position-hold using the company's analog driver circuit: the MAdv5.
The completed platen is controllable with a single thermocouple.
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