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a tower with an elevated workspace enclosed in glass for the visual observation of aircraft around an airport

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I already knew a bit about the role of Carew Cheriton's airfield during the war as I'd visited the Control Tower with my children," said Mr Hart.
Combined with Thales's Surface Movement Guidance Control System(3), Distance Measuring Equipment(4) and multilalteration(5) systems, the new Air Traffic Control Tower will enhance traffic safety and security with the latest state-of-the-art tools, including an unprecedented system of safeguards for approach control.
NATS said that the VCF is based on well-established procedures that allow the airport to operate while controllers cannot see aircraft departing, arriving or moving around the airfield from the main control tower.
HORROR Crash site and, top, ATR72 jet NIGHTMARE ON THE RUNWAY Medics carry injured passengers from plane after it skidded into disused control tower ISLE OF TERROR Front of the Thai plane embedded in old tower on Koh Samui yesterday
2m landmark development is the most advanced air traffic control tower in British aviation history.
But he cannot seem to shake the noise of countless aircraft seen from nearly 50 years in the control tower.
The control tower at North Bend also should help attract air carriers, he said.
LaGuardia Airport will see its control tower demolished in 2004, and a new one built and completed by 2005.
A new hangar building and a 35m high control tower have been built at Famborough airport, as part of a redevelopment plan to establish it as the leading airport for business aviation.
The ASDE-X system integrates five enabling technologies: transponder multilateration surveillance, surface movement radar, ADS-B, multi-sensor data fusion and control tower display equipment.
Two photographs single out an air traffic control tower and a set of runway lights respectively, implying, in the spirit of the Precisionists, that these built structures are worthy of close scrutiny in their own right.
We'd been instructed in case of any emergency to go immediately to our stations, so I took off running to the control tower about four or five blocks away.
BRITISH travellers were left stranded on an Italian runway after air traffic staff started a punch- up in the control tower.
What: During this 35-minute workshop titled "Supply Chain Control Towers: Unlocking the Value of Your Trading Network," Barnett will define what a supply chain control tower is and discuss how to develop an effective control tower strategy.
The Austin Air Traffic Control Tower and Terminal Radar Approach Control facility sustained water damage during flooding from today s heavy rain.