control system

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a system for controlling the operation of another system

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An auto profile control system adjusts the die bolts by relying on an internal software "map" that identifies which portions of the sheet downstream are controlled by which die bolt.
The shuttle had an electronic triply redundant digital fly-bywire flight control system.
While different settings in the control system might be programmed depending on the part, a typical casting might use a closed loop motion block to slow the shot cylinder as the die is nearly full.
As the world enters a new century, ESC continues its Air Force leadership role for the development of command and control systems.
Look for your key control system to integrate a "notes" feature that will automatically point out these "red flags" before a key can be accessed, and prominently display the information.
The new quality control standards give a small firm considerable flexibility in how and when it should monitor its quality control system.
Some control systems can make minor adjustments to less active filler ingredients, within specification limits, in an attempt to maintain the overall volume of the batch, thus ensuring optimum mixing.
JOURNEAUX: The biggest challenge to upgrading "legacy" process control systems is capital justification since the industry's capital availability is limited and the underlying measurement technology and control strategies have not evolved greatly since the original systems were installed.
Supplies complete automation solutions for injection, extrusion, and blow molding machines, including integrated control systems, sensors, indicators, and discrete controls for power, temperature, pressure, and motion.
2 was not to contradict existing standards but, rather, to enhance the practitioner's understanding of the meaning of the three terms in the context of a quality control system.
Moisture control systems also are available for continuous mullers.
This in-depth research report on China's wind turbine control systems industry was compiled with the support and assistance from the wind turbine control systems industry chain, related experts, and enterprises.
For injection and compression molding, a close-press indication is received from the existing control system.
One way to reduce double-digit thickness variation on a blown-film line that has either a rotating die or oscillating hauloff is to combine a gravimetric control system with a profile-control system.
The implementation process for our quality control system using the firm's quality control document, which began in 1989, involved a series of nine in-house seminars that I taught, each covering one quality control element.