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shares owned by shareholders who have a controlling interest

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The control stock must have a 250-trading day average turnover between 80% and 120% of those of the optioned stock.
He added that the company's sales performance was helped by its ability to control stock levels during warm weather in April followed by a wet May, due to supply chain improvements.
1m as margins at Oasis were affected by initiatives to control stock levels.
Retailers aimed to keep purchases in line with sales in an attempt to control stock levels.
Usui added that in general it is undesirable for the government to attempt to control stock prices.
Davis stated, "We are confident in the technology and want investors to know that we have every single share of our control stock, a combined total of over 12,078,562 shares, that's approximately 39% of the entire issued and outstanding.
This means users can control stock, waste management and plan production effectively.
Suppliers are likely to be told to tag all higher value goods from the point of production in a move to control stock loss and shrinkage.
We can't control stock values or food prices, but we can control what we spend and how we save," says Glubiak.
Do you need to control stock in a variety of locations?
As such, both pickers and the RR operators have been equipped with hand-held radio data terminals to accurately control stock and speed the output of more than 2000 cases a day, seven days a week.
Mills Group operations manager David Wise commented: "We are looking to use it to control stock ordering and reduce stock losses.
The shares are purely control stock and not intended to be converted and traded.
This concerted decision involves the completion of audited financial statements; the disclosure of current control stock positions; and the nomination of executive officers, namely a CEO and a CFO.