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a lever used by a pilot to control the ailerons and elevators of an airplane

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The so-called "most powerful tablet in the world", it hopes to unite PC and consoles - and their respective cheerleaders - by bundling together the control stick layout and living room convenience of a console with the Steam based line-up and modding community of a PC.
Cue controls can be managed in three ways: Using the touchscreen, a fiveway control stick on the wheel or natural voice recognition.
According to the report released Friday on the ongoing investigation, the copilot was not aware of his error for about 17 seconds until he operated the control stick to stop the plane's roll.
I felt the control stick come back in my hands about two inches, and the aircraft slightly nosed down.
If there's one thing that the game's lacking, it's that physical control stick that more senior gamers will remember hammering in the arcades where Metal Slug 3 first made its debut.
Boom commands processed by the ACU to control the boom actuators are initiated by an aerial refueling operator using a boom flight control stick.
I came on the controls and assisted in keeping the control stick full left and aft while kicking in full left rudder, a fallback to my B-52 days and T-38 instructor days where the rudder is your most effective flight control during high angle of attack flight.
The iPad Kneeboard Sport, designed by pilots for pilots, works in aircraft where there is a cyclic or control stick used between the legs or where space is at a premium.
His son sat in the pilot's seat and tried steering with the control stick, but since the aircraft was on autopilot, his father was unconcerned.
When Sneller looked back to the front of the glider, he saw that it was higher than Henderson's plane, so he pushed the glider's control stick forward to regain proper altitude behind Henderson's plane.
Hillary wrote: "At that moment I felt a terrific explosion which knocked the control stick from my hand, and the whole machine quivered like a stricken animal.
It also has a few added features not seen in a typical car - a control stick, a yoke and its own parachute loaded on a rocket motor behind the front seats, ready to be deployed in an emergency through the back window.
Throwing punches is done via the right control stick, while the left is used to duck and dive.
The passenger is suspected of having pulled the control stick too steeply, causing the helicopter to crash, according to the investigation conducted by the Japan Transport Safety Board.
The A-10C cockpit receives two 5-by-5-inch multifunction color displays, a hands-on stick and throttle system with a modified F-15E right throttle grip, and a modified F-16 control stick grip.