control room

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a room housing control equipment (as in a recording studio)

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However, it also says it "has grave reservations about the location chosen for the second control room and the process entered into for its identification".
The Government is pressing ahead with its plans to merge the 46 local control rooms into nine ultra-modern centres.
But now Cleveland Police Authority has given a deadline of five years until it moves from the Middlesbrough Ladgate Lane police headquarters to a new base and has stated that the ambulance service will always have a space in its control room in the future.
Control Room is excited to work with MSN to give fans around the world a virtual front-row ticket to see Elton John in this unforgettable event," Aaron Grosky, executive vice president, Music Programming and Production for Control Room.
Call room constable, Alun Jeffreys, from Bridgend, has been in the police force for 18 years but joined the control room 18 months ago.
The West Midlands Police Authority had been looking into the benefits of joint control rooms, similar to pilot schemes carried out in Cleveland, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.
The Fire Brigades Union, which is opposed to regional control rooms, urged the service to go ahead with the Bootle centre anyway.
The control room lost radar track, telemetry, and radio communications.
Mr Norrie Henderson, secretary of the Warwickshire branch on the union, said: "We want Warwickshire to continue to have its own control room so that we can provide the best possible service.
The Christie FHQ981-L panel offers unparalleled performance, ease of installation and affordability for control room environments and is fully compatible with Christie Phoenix.
The Flood Control Room will work round the clock under the supervision of Additional Commissioner-I Larkana/Focal Person for flood and relief Sultan Ahmed Khoso with Phone Numbers 074-9410361, Fax No.
Rawalpindi District Control Room has also been set up to monitor the security arrangements of Muharram.
What if the control room cannot take the punishment until help arrives?
The control room operator can control every door within the facility, operate security cameras, and activate the fire safety system.