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a steel or aluminum rod that can be moved up or down to control the rate of the nuclear reaction

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After operators reset the rod position indication system, only one rod of the 185 control rods indicated out of position.
Repeated testing shows the control rods are now responding normally," said Bob Saccone, vice president-Nuclear Operations.
26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Operators at PPL's Susquehanna nuclear power plant will shut down the Unit 1 reactor late Friday (10/28) for a maintenance outage to improve the operation of the unit's control rods.
They enable control of thermal output from the reactor by precisely inserting the control rods into the reactor core during regular operation.
Gain up to date information and analysis relating to potential opportunities in the global nuclear CRA market - Identify key regions representing potential growth opportunities for the nuclear CRA market - Understand the emerging opportunities for players in the nuclear CRA market - Gain information about major players in the nuclear control rod assemblies market - Understand potential market opportunities in various geographies and fine tune your business strategy in target locations
Nuclear reactors are designed to shut down automatically when there is a major safety issue, but this time, operators had already been monitoring the reactor as they detected a possible problem with the control rod and manually turned off the reactor when the control rod dropped," an official from the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co.
38[degrees]C, suggesting that the foam structure remains non-degraded and such a control rod channel cooling is possible.
com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Control Rod Assemblies in Nuclear Reactors - Global Market Size, Average Pricing and Competitive Landscape Analysis to 2020 http://www.
2319 Monday GMT) after a warning signal indicated a malfunction in the control rod, which was used to control the rate of fission of nuclear materials.
The HCU moderates reactivity levels by managing the location of control rod blades within the reactor core.
Summary The report covers the global nuclear power industry's development, its growth trajectory and the demand for control rod assemblies (CRAs) in the global nuclear market segmented by five regions and key countries.
engineers will start putting the control rod into the No.
It's also important that the pitch beam, inboard retention plate and outboard retention plate and each pitch control rod are marked with correct color, too.