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electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devices

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The dashboard displays all the same pump and engine data as it appears on the RECON2000T control panel on-site.
The post AJA launches KUMO CP2 Control Panel appeared first on BroadcastPro ME.
Some customers thought they had downloaded a monitoring app, not a Control Panel dashboard, so we have refined the user interface to let people who have never tried our services learn more about our parental control features, prices, and the Control Panel app itself," explained Alex Stevenson, Pumpic's spokesman.
The equipment being provided by FTG includes nine control panel assemblies.
The wellhead control panels form part of a comprehensive control and monitoring package supplied by Weatherford Production Optimisation's UK operation in Great Yarmouth.
The local control panel adds convenience for plant operators and can monitor up to 5 low pressure or 3 high pressure electronically actuated drip traps.
The control panel uses Bluetooth to communicate with your phone, This wireless technology relies on radio waves (vibrating energy waves) to send signals between different communication devices.
The Gamewell Company's GV Multiplexed Voice Evacuation System operates with every Gamewell Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP).
I went to the control panel in my 98 Windows computer and selected Multimedia, clicked the MIDI tab and selected Microsoft's GS Wavetable SW Synth instead of Yamaha FM Synthesizer.
Click Start, point to Settings, the click Control Panel.
Go to the Control Panel ("Start | Settings | Control Panel" menu item).
All controls are located within a NEMA rated stainless steel control panel recessed within the return plenum.
Giusti were also required to manage the new vessel build, vessel refurbishment, control panel build, wiring and installation and commissioning.
The new Brother HL-2600CN and HL-3450CN feature faster processors, improved color output quality, improved color matching utilities, an advanced user control panel, improved storage options and built-in Ethernet connectivity.
An improved film insert molding (FIM) and decorating process developed by Key Plastics LLC and Bayer's Plastics Division, used with Bayer's Makrofol DE1-4D polycarbonate film, is said to give automakers greater flexibility in control panel design.