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(computer science) the key on a computer keyboard that is used (in combination with some other key) to type control characters

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Citing its anonymous tipster, which also supplied the leak with an image showing the supposed G3 back plate, the same GSM Arena report also claimed that LG made efforts to redesign the back-located control keys that in the G2 functioned as the volume rocker and webpage or document navigator.
Key management combines the devices, people, and operations required to create, maintain, and control keys.
Use your control keys to work faster in Microsoft Outlook.
This user-friendly keyboard also has hot keys for emailing and navigating the internet and multi-media control keys.
The Jelly Satellite is equipped with a display of four control keys.
Too often, we see presenters lost behind their computers for the entire show, working their touch pads and various control keys.
Control keys in the monitor housing offer quick access to frequently used functions.
Contour-molded wrist-rest for added comfort and style -- Internet browser control keys -- Multimedia control keys -- Website and Email easy access keys -- Application volume control keys
Large dual displays, along with jumbo operator control keys, and an easy-to-understand interface simplify setup as well as reducing the chance of operator errors.
With its unique summary view and many notification options users can instantly see messages from multiple mailboxes in one view while easily scrolling messages using the Treo's 5-way or volume control keys.
We offer multiple products that utilize a key box to manage and control keys and take the worry off your plate of who has the keys
It has slide-out panels with game control keys and a standard numbered keypad for dialling (left).
The central element of the MMI terminal is a control button that can be turned and pressed, with four control keys grouped around it.
The 8Pak has an operator panel and control keys in the front panel.
Equipped with CD playback control keys, these notebooks also allow users to play CDs with the notebook lid closed and the power turned off.