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an electrode placed between the cathode and anode of a vacuum tube to control the flow of electrons through the tube

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In Chi-Square Contingency Tests for spring, autumn, and winter, species composition (the number of individuals captured in summer was too low to perform a meaningful test), data from untreated grids were combined and data from control grids were combined.
The subject of the public contract in terms of construction and architectural design is especially built two new floors central control grid 22 kV and 110 kV together with the necessary technological and administrative facilities to loose the hall, which is owned by the authority, within the company TeplEirny Brno, as on the street pitEilka 6 in Brno.
The winter access road into the site and the surface control grid are being established in preparation for the diamond drilling program to follow.
A 200 foot control grid for the detailed geochemical soil survey, surface sampling and geological mapping has been completed.
Phase II calls for control grid establishment and infill geochemical sampling to be followed by drilling in Phase III to test key zones.
In the general area of known mineralization, an extensive control grid was established and geological mapping, soil sampling and geophysical tests were carried out.
At present, most of the initial control grid has been cut, extensive soil sampling has begun and an excavator has been moved onto the property in preparation for trenching Magnometer, vlf-em and IP surveys are forthcoming, pending the geophysical crew's arrival.