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a gene that activates the production of messenger RNA by adjacent structural genes

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In an attempt to correct for this, most laboratories normalize BCR-ABL1 transcripts to control gene transcripts to generate a ratio.
how the body tags DNA with methyl groups to control gene activity as a child grows and develops into adulthood.
The dsRNA control gene fragments have been used in RNAi studies and a twitcher phenocopy has been achieved, dsRNA for putative collagen IV cell surface receptors (ESTs) are in the process of being generated and will be utilized in RNAi studies.
One population was engineered to carry the antisense genes and the other, to carry a control gene.
Gene regulatory proteins control gene expression in developmental and cellular processes of many organisms.
We believe the GeneSwitch technology will accelerate the throughput of genomics research because it has the unique ability to completely control gene expression and assist in the identification and characterization of the function of selected genes.
The ability to control gene expression in the central nervous system has potentially far-reaching implications for the treatment of a number of neurodegenerative diseases.
HOKKAIDO, Japan, July 1, 2016--The ability to control gene expression in cells allows scientists to understand gene function and manipulate cell fate.
Enhancers are stretches of DNA typically located far from genes that help control gene activity.
The research group plans to provide new insight into several areas of human cardio genesis, ranging from molecular decoding of human heart development to developing completely novel technologies to control gene expression in the intact heart in vivo.
ISLAMABAD, February 07, 2012 (Balochistan Times): Small RNA-based nucleic acid drugs represent a promising new class of therapeutic agents for silencing abnormal or overactive disease-causing genes, and researchers have discovered new mechanisms by which RNA drugs can control gene activity.
Histones are small proteins attached to the DNA that control gene expression and activity.
In recent years, it has become clear that being able to control gene activity in cancer - manipulating which genes are 'on' or 'off' - can be a high-impact approach to the disease.
Some of this genetic clutter may control gene expression in eggs and the earliest embryos, according to a report in the October Developmental Cell.
Using retroviral vectors, the MDR1 gene was inserted into one-half of each patient's' stem cells; a control gene was placed in the other half.