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someone with a compulsive desire to exert control over situations and people

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Control freaks are usually a cause of micromanagement.
Just as school teachers try and stamp out bullying, it's your role as MD to look after your control freaks, especially younger ones who might otherwise be lured to the dark side by lazier colleagues.
We" women of Generation X were Reaganites, turned off by politics, neurotic narcissists, plagued by eating disorders, control freaks about food, exercise, work, and sex.
Blair, Brown and the disgraced Blunkett and his successor Clarke, control freaks extraordinaire, want the UK population to be tagged, tracked and vetted, scrutinised by bossy beaurocrats on inflated salaries, the culmination of which is that opprorious, intrusive affront to personal liberty and freedom, the ID card.
Control freaks don't like simple give-ways, stop signs, roundabouts and zebra crossings.
It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that most architects are control freaks and hate sharing responsibility for their buildings.
Hint: You control freaks can check mold temperatures via the internet on your way to the refrigerator for a midnight snack.
Blair's reaction reveals the Government are control freaks, terrified of upsetting middle England.
Labour backbenchers are sitting back smugly, knowing they have been guaranteed safe return to the Scottish parliament next year after the party's control freaks ruled that no existing MSPs were to be challenged.
Productivity can suffer when employees get stressed by people with annoying habits, control freaks, or those who push the envelope-such as the fellow who sneaked into a computer support person's hospital room shortly after she gave birth to ask for help with his laptop, as the Washington Post recently reported.
I think we sometimes try to justify a long tradition that has served well the agenda of the control freaks but doesn't hold up to the common sense God gave a billy goat.
The film, which has been airing on the Sundance Channel, is simultaneously a party movie, a cultural barometer and a comedy about control freaks, the mystery of time and psychedelic fruit.
Presented by Shananne Lane and Rick Lennox of Control Freaks, it features live performances and interviews with all the top acts, including Placebo and their bizarre singer Brian Molko.
As the title suggests, Against Excess is a critique of both legalization and prohibition, of drug freaks and control freaks.
PROOF that Manchester United remain football's undisputed control freaks came this week with their handling of an interview by striker Louis Saha.