control freak

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someone with a compulsive desire to exert control over situations and people

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There may be a fine line between being a detail-oriented manager, who likes to have things done 'right', and being a (destructive) control freak.
The Lensbaby Control Freak is the ideal lens for the macro or tabletop photographer who has a methodical, step-by-step approach to their creative photography," said Craig Strong, Lensbaby president and co-founder.
But show me a failing business and it's a fair bet you won't find a control freak with any managerial influence.
The new Muse and the new Control Freak replace the current Original, Lensbaby 2.
com/2014/gwyneth-paltrow-chris-martin-alexa-chung-divorce-ugly-jealous-hates-photos/) Celebdirty Laundry , Martin is not happy with Gwyn's behavior and thinks that she is trying to be a control freak even after the separation.
I am a little bit of a control freak and like to know what's going on.
Billed as the mind reader who can't read minds, Chris's show, Control Freak, is an exploration of free will, fate and choice.
The Control Freak series release follows a one-month tongue-in-cheek Web promotion campaign to entice visitors to watch the series, engage with online entertainment and join the MOLI community.
Actually, the bad idea was control freak Juno's (Natalie Mendoza) decision to deviate from the planned itinerary and explore a cave that isn't in the guidebook.
The result is Control Freak - a recipe for freedom from debt.
In that relationship, a deeply religious, short-tempered control freak tried to mold his bewildered, willful son into an entirely different person.
POP'S greatest control freak Madonna lifted the lid on married this week.
Talking about her management style, she adds: "You've got to trust people and because I am a control freak, sometimes that's difficult for me because I want to micro-manage absolutely everything.
DOES anyone actually believe that Simon Cowell - the greatest control freak on the planet - feels embarrassed or betrayed by revelations in Tom Bower's book, Sweet Revenge?
David Cameron is resorting to control freak tactics to c o n t r o l u s.