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an experiment designed to control for variables affecting the results of another experiment

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The control experiments have been done on laboratory model of hot-air tunnel constructed in VSB-TU of Ostrava (Smutny et al.
Hardness index increased from 119kN for control experiment to 125 kN for experiment 8 (80% castor oil).
containing 1 g/L sodium azide, we carried out control experiments to rule out possible effects of sodium azide on MMP-2 synthesis and secretion in VSMCs from microarterioles (5).
The 24-h means for androstenedione, dihydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone, testosterone and thyroid-stimulating hormone decreased strongly during the course, and the circadian rhythm was extinguished below the minimum levels measured during the control experiment.
Mingye Feng, a graduate student of physiology in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, learned that wasn't necessarily the case as he conducted a standard control experiment and put the gene that codes for the SPCA2 pump into an ordinary human cell.
12 (ANI): A mind control experiment conducted by America's Central Investigative Agency is being blamed for a mysterious disease that caused an entire French village to go temporarily mad 50 years ago.
The project, titled Tank Pressure Control Experiment (TPCE), is part of a joint effort by the University of Cincinnati and Boeing Defense & Space Group to develop new technology for low-gravity cryogen storage tanks required for future space missions.
1995: Middeck Active Control Experiment launched on STS-67
At the Dallas gathering, many scientists objected that no control experiment had been done using regular water.
In a control experiment using the general circulation model, Rowntree looked at the rainfall that would be associated with soil moisture levels characteristic of well-vegetated land.
Also, some control experiments on documents for crossing state borders were held as part of the event.
They provide guidance to readers with no experience of specific techniques, suggest reasons for their use, outline limits on what can be reasonably claimed of data, describe control experiments that should be included in an article, explain why specific controls are performed, and list other techniques commonly used in conjunction, common misconceptions about a technique or the data produced by it, and caveats about the interpretation of data.
Manure samples kept under fluctuating environmental conditions to serve as control experiments.
The parrots' near-perfect first-trial performances as well as the results of our control experiments suggest that an understanding of the causal properties underlying the task is the most likely explanation for the birds' performance," they added.