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an experiment designed to control for variables affecting the results of another experiment

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The control experiments have been done on laboratory model of hot-air tunnel constructed in VSB-TU of Ostrava (Smutny et al.
Hardness index increased from 119kN for control experiment to 125 kN for experiment 8 (80% castor oil).
containing 1 g/L sodium azide, we carried out control experiments to rule out possible effects of sodium azide on MMP-2 synthesis and secretion in VSMCs from microarterioles (5).
Zinnia plants from the Veggie ground control experiment at NASAs Kennedy Space Center in Florida were harvested Feb.
To prove definitively that membership of the EU is of benefit to the British people you would, of course, need a control experiment of 41 years of national existence outside the union.
The 24-h means for androstenedione, dihydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone, testosterone and thyroid-stimulating hormone decreased strongly during the course, and the circadian rhythm was extinguished below the minimum levels measured during the control experiment.
12 (ANI): A mind control experiment conducted by America's Central Investigative Agency is being blamed for a mysterious disease that caused an entire French village to go temporarily mad 50 years ago.
E-Corder and echo software: Data logger and interface for connection of electrochemical measuring apparatus (potentiostat, impedance spectroscope, pH meters, chromatographs and other), which allows careful control experiment, programmable course of the analysis and processing of large amounts of data.
1995: Middeck Active Control Experiment launched on STS-67
At the Dallas gathering, many scientists objected that no control experiment had been done using regular water.
In a control experiment using the general circulation model, Rowntree looked at the rainfall that would be associated with soil moisture levels characteristic of well-vegetated land.
For meat, fish, shellfish and fungi, additional control experiments estimating expected spore loads would be most valuable, but for other foods testing additional samples is more effective.
It has an experimental emphasis and covers the physical and detection principles and technical setup of an analytical ultracentrifugation experiment; ultracentrifugation experiments from a macromolecular perspective; practical aspects of conducting an experiment, including sample preparation and ancillary characterization, data acquisition and data structure, and the execution of the centrifugal experiment; and instrument calibration and quality control experiments.
Suggestions range from UFOs to mind control experiments to Abominable Snowmen.
Also, some control experiments on documents for crossing state borders were held as part of the event.