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electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devices

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The master services agreement with MCI is a major part of Packard Bell's substantial commitment to enhance customer service levels through its newly created National Control Desk.
VAR of the crew walking towards the pasport control desk
Japan Airlines' control desk was also able to assign tasks to specific team members via their smartwatch; Gate staff can apply smartwatch to receive the latest information like JAL flight operations or the operation status of railway and bus to/from airport etc.
According to IBM, this new solution, based on IBM SmartCloud Control Desk and IBM Endpoint Manager, part of the IBM MobileFirst Management solutions, unites users from the affiliated Slovenian Railways companies under a uniform IT service desk with a single point of contact available across the entire organisation.
Karl radioed in to his control desk and told them about the incident before calling police.
The location, movement and validation time for each blood cooler is displayed on a computer monitor at the control desk for the department as well as transmitted to Ekahau's Wi-Fi Pagers anywhere in the hospital.
In both cases, the incoming information should be reflected on control desk monitors in a form that is most convenient for human perception.
PIC of industrial control desk Tender no: ST10103600 Description: Procurement and installation of industrial control desks at all GDS stations, Mesaieed.
Best of all, the mannequins talk, either using a set of canned complaints or by having a student or teacher improvise via microphone from the nearby control desk.
IAN: Fortune brutally raped Ian as the teenager lent over a hospital radio control desk.
The Carrera 4 operator has a straightforward control desk with camera, profiler and computer displays.
Nurse Erenberg began her employment working at a control desk.
The Justice Department's Office of Justice Programs in Washington will issue an RFP for Office of the Comptroller Control Desk and other office administrative services.
Plans for the space include a central control desk and non-linear editing, online edit rooms, and playback and ingest area.
The main human interface to SmartControl for taxiway routing is via the ground movement control desk in the tower, which can either be the conventional hardware mimic or a touchscreen, depending on customer preference.