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electrical device consisting of a flat insulated surface that contains switches and dials and meters for controlling other electrical devices

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Kh Imran Nazir said that drug inspectors, officers of drug wing and all District Quality Control Boards should discharge their duties with the spirit of serving the nation for elimination of spurious drugs from the province.
It hopes that the administration makes clean water available for consumption immediately, that drainage system here should be improved, the UP Pollution Control Board should conduct an inspection on how many factories in the industrial area are operating without no- objection certificates and the offending ones should be shut down immediately.
As an added precaution, 1/8" Neoprene created a waterproof barrier over both the battery box and control boards.
In the Gorwa industrial area of the city of Vadodara, Hema Chemicals had been dumping 77,000 metric tons of highly carcinogenic hexavalent chromium waste over the past 20 years or so, according to the Gujarat Pollution Control Board.
The organization also would be required to obtain a banquet permit from the State liquor control board.
Having cleared the legal hurdle, Presque Isle Downs and the Gaming Control Board may now proceed to open the facility.
All the members of Sugar Cane Control Board will attend the meeting and the price of Sugar cane will be fixed for the year 2017-18 so that the Sugar Mills will be functional.
Chairing the meeting of District Quality Control Board at Town Hall, the DO Coordination Sundas Irshad also ordered to summon owners of two stores in the next meeting to clarify their position.
The justices' recent 3-0 decision rejected all but one of the cities' many claims, but does require the Regional Water Quality Control Board to perform some environmental review.
The Public Authorities Control Board is to vote this month on the MTA's proposed $27.
KHANEWAL -- District Quality Control Board (DQCB) referred 7 cases of quacks to drug courts and also issued warning in another 15 cases.
While not officially ordering the local sanitation district to build a proposed $350-million desalination system, the decision by Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board will shorten by two years -- to 2016 -- the date when the district must fix the salt problem.
On Monday, the Public Authorities Control Board voted against the approval of $300 million in state funding for the stadium--possibly jeopardizing the city's chance to host the 2012 Olympics games.
NYSE:FCEA) and (NYSE:FCEB) today announced that New York's Public Authorities Control Board (PACB) unanimously approved the Company's Atlantic Yards project, a mixed-use development in downtown Brooklyn whose main attraction is expected to be a new sports and entertainment arena for the Nets NBA basketball team.