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an electronic device consisting of a rotatable ball in a housing

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wedge club head makes it easier to address the ball, line up shots and control ball trajectory.
In one of their first experiments, Robacker and Fraser measured how attractive a grapefruit was to wild-strain egg-laying Mexican fruit flies compared to a yellow control ball of similar size.
The Type 110 Control Ball Valve is a linear control valve that features a characterized ball design that allows a gradual increase in flow rather than a sudden increase typically known with traditional ball valves.
The joint venture has created a high-performance, trunnion-mounted control ball valve.
To have the ability to make sudden cuts, control ball speed, and reduce injuries is what's necessary when playing on a world-class surface.
We are grateful for Wrexham Ladies FC's help as most of their girls join in with training to help their close control ball skill.
Flowserve has printed a brochure focused on its TMCBV, trunnion-mounted control ball valve for pipeline regulation.
Besides this, the super fans made it difficult for us to control ball possession, but at the end of 90 minutes we succeeded in what we wanted to do by staying in a right position as we head home for the return leg on October 20," he added.
5: Barton can't control ball six yards out at the end of a flowing move.