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an electronic device consisting of a rotatable ball in a housing

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Because of its special design, six-way control ball valves replace four conventional valves, including actuators, in a four-pipe heated/chilled ceiling; since there is only actuator, it occupies only one data point.
You've all the same playing options, chunky buttons and control ball but without the huge cabinet or cigarette stained surfaces.
In one of their first experiments, Robacker and Fraser measured how attractive a grapefruit was to wild-strain egg-laying Mexican fruit flies compared to a yellow control ball of similar size.
The Type 110 control ball valve features a characterized ball design that allows a gradual increase in flow rather than a sudden increase, as is typically the case with traditional ball valves.
The Type 110 Control Ball Valve is a linear control valve that features a characterized ball design that allows a gradual increase in flow rather than a sudden increase typically known with traditional ball valves.
Unlike previous ball addition control strategies that rely on a static historical wear rate, Magotteaux's ABC system is based on a dynamic ball consumption rate to control ball addition -- by continuously monitoring mill power draw, feed rate and ball consumption, the system calculates the proper ball addition rate to maintain optimum mill power, thereby optimising the grinding process through power control, reduced operator involvement and real time adjustment of ball consumption rates relative to the abrasiveness of the mill feed.
Wayne has been a valuable member of the CIRCOR leadership team for six years, and has successfully led the growth and margin expansion of our Flow Technologies Group while also overseeing the turnaround of Pibiviesse, our control ball valve manufacturer in Italy.
Tenders are invited for Supply of system: system: cargo measuring system tanksystem uti, ss1-q2 cmts0003 particulars : carter bz assy uti-gt(1), 30 meter tape reel unit dip 2(1), vapour control ball valvecs-ss-bl(14), hand dipping valve ciss (38).
86: Reid crosses from the right and Findley is totally unmarked to control ball and stroke home.
Dresser's Becker Precision Equipment has introduced its newest environ mentally friendly technology, V-Max Control Ball Valve.
He would then throw on his kit and go out and dazzle the crowd with the kind of close control ball skills that saw him named ``the finest player I have even known'' by QPR team-mate and future England manager, Terry Venables.