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Synonyms for contrivance

Synonyms for contrivance

something, as a machine, devised for a particular function

something invented

Synonyms for contrivance

a device or control that is very useful for a particular job

the faculty of contriving

an elaborate or deceitful scheme contrived to deceive or evade

an artificial or unnatural or obviously contrived arrangement of details or parts etc.

any improvised arrangement for temporary use

the act of devising something


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50-caliber contrivances, howdah pistols and the like, many of which the average shooter will never have a chance to shoot, but we can enjoy their delights vicariously through Skinner's lively reportage.
Based on a bestselling novel, the film is pretty much a US version of the Dakota Fanning flick Now Is Good (2012), and relies on the same contrivances before a twist ending you'll see a long way off.
Cliches and contrivances abound in "Unconditional," a faith-based drama about redemption and renewal that is blessed with the saving graces of persuasive performances, handsome production values and some undeniably affecting moments of spiritual uplift.
Dramatic contrivances, gooey sentiment and occasional zinging one-liners sum up this lightweight ensemble piece about five loosely connected couples feeling the strain of impending parenthood.
The script is riddled with implausibilities and dull contrivances abound.
illustrate the facts of food preparation and household economics nearly a century ago, when homemakers had notably less access to modern technological contrivances.
Certainly, all the contrivances are there - the machine-gun patter of guitar, the precise and thunderous drums, the growly, demonic vocals.
toxic flume from the mechanical contrivances of transport?
It can either be contrivances of tradition or modernization.
What the editors feel is the best of Sir Francis Galton's guide to international outdoor adventure and survival in the 19th century, originally titled The Art of Travel: Shifts and Contrivances in Wild Countries (1857) is found in this first abridged edition.
Nearly three decades before the creation of the State of Israel, Chesterton observed the Christians, Jews, and Muslims of Palestine; his unvarnished conclusions are presented at face value, without any allowances for political correctness or other modern contrivances.
Don't get me wrong: Performances far exceed what you might expect for a show dependent upon such contrivances.
It's that the script nearly collapses under the weight of plot contrivances and the burden of many characters forced to make hairpin changes in behavior and to mouth viewpoints rather than to emerge as living, breathing people.
But while just as intimate, unpretentious, and enchanting as his earlier work, the two videos shown at Postmasters ultimately sag a little under the strain of too many contrivances.