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Synonyms for contrite



Synonyms for contrite

feeling or expressing regret for one's sins or misdeeds

expressing or inclined to express an apology

Synonyms for contrite

feeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses

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He seemed contrite and I think he was sincere," Strauss said.
Some shamefaced defendants appeared to have got caught up in the general lawlessness and looked contrite as they stood in the dock, while others, with long records, shrugged their shoulders.
He felt pretty contrite about it, I don t think he quite realised at the time that there were people below him.
DODGERS star hitter Manny Ramirez sure sounded contrite Thursday when he apologized to fans, teammates and the team's owners for the "mistake" of taking a banned substance that led to a 50-game suspension.
A statement yesterday added: "In imposing this penalty, the panel took into account that Ramprakash was captain at the time of the incident, his previous good character, and the facts that he was contrite, had unreservedly apologised to the umpires and had already been fined pounds 1,000 by Surrey County Cricket Club.
All apparently contrite, and promising to get on with their jobs as jockeys.
But, never will I appear on a menu with that most contrite of dishes known as humble pie.
We Christians are called to silent grief and contrite hope and to speaking about the unspeakable past.
As contrite as it sounds, genuine encouragement and positive reinforcement comes from the heart and is rarely part of a formal program with a wall chart or scorecard.
THE lottery Community Fund is now contrite about dishing out pounds 336,000 of YOUR cash to an ex-communist lorry driver exposed by The People last week for aiding terrorist bombers.
In a contrite letter of resignation, he said that family health concerns drove the request for an elevator and handicap-access improvements in the two-story home.
While few became contrite their answers gave historians a rich vein of information.
God wanted not the sacrifice of an animal; He wanted the sacrifice of a broken and contrite heart.
This summer we listened to a contrite former executive describe the "culture of fraud" that flourished for 12-plus years in what is now the Cendant Corp.
14, Health, age, and whether the person is contrite and has been rehabilitated.