contributory negligence

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(law) behavior by the plaintiff that contributes to the harm resulting from the defendant's negligence

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In 1974, the Kansas legislature officially replaced contributory negligence with comparative negligence with the passage of section 60-25 8a.
The Cyclist's Defence Fund suggest that it is now common for insurers to seek contributory negligence deductions in out of court settlements for cycling-related head injury claims and for the cases that have reached the courts in recent years, failing to wear a helmet has been deemed negligent, largely because it involves ignoring Rule 59 of the Highway Code which currently recommends that 'you should wear a cycle helmet which conforms to current regulations, is the correct size and securely fastened'.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: The court concluded that the Circuit Court did not abuse its discretion in granting the plaintiff a new trial on her postrial motion when the court determined that it erred in instructing the jury on contributory negligence where the jury found Northwestern liable in the suicide of the decedent, and the record evidence supported the court's ruling that the decedent was completely devoid of reason at the time of her suicide.
Most states have abandoned the common law rule of contributory negligence in favor of a comparative negligence system.
The affirmative defense of contributory negligence is available to a defendant lawyer or law firm in an Illinois legal malpractice action under the appropriate circumstances.
Award of compensation will depend on the nature of the accident, negligence or contributory negligence if any from your side and several other factors.
The trust accepted partial responsibility in this case with a discount on the damages due to Jacqueline Crowe as a result of contributory negligence.
Turk is guilty of contributory negligence and that any recovered damages should reflect that.
I was disappointed with the decision of the Police Authority and their insurers to allege contributory negligence against Linda in relation to the manner in which she crossed the road.
Disagreeing, the jury awarded Liebeck $200,000 in compensatory damages, a sum later reduced by the jury to $160,000 because of her 20 percent contributory negligence, and then $2.
should read: "Hoffman's abolition of contributory negligence.
Only four states--Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia--and the District of Columbia still follow the pure contributory negligence rule, which says that an injured party cannot recover any damages if he or she is even I percent at fault.
We may look at contributory negligence, shared blame, unavoidability, percentage penalties, shared penalties, alternative penalties etc.
Liability was then accepted, with a small deduction for contributory negligence.
In addition, the almost universal rule of contributory negligence barred recovery for any plaintiff who was negligent.