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Synonyms for contributory

giving or able to give help or support

tending to contribute to a result

Synonyms for contributory

tending to bring about

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Kilbride, the state Supreme Court rejected Coopers' argument that the trial judge improperly restricted its ability to present evidence of contributory negligence by the board of the colleges.
The Napster decision demonstrates how the doctrines of vicarious liability and contributory infringement apply in conjunction with the DMCA.
These deficiencies were major contributory factors to the accident,'' it said.
This contributory database is the industry's first automated system, allowing information to be shared industry-wide and providing a central location for critical historical renter performance data.
In the process, a greater understanding of the contributory factors that led him to such violence emerged.
The next important step in retirement legislation was the Widows's, Orphans's, and Old Age Contributory Pensions Act of 1925.
Spokesman Eamon Timmins said: "If Minister O'Cuiv is proposing the introduction of means-testing for the Contributory State Pension, it would represent a major shifting of the goal posts by the Government for pensioners as they approach a time of their life which many have been planning for financially for many years.
The broad-based claim cites Fujitsu, Matsushita, NEC and Toshiba for direct infringement, contributory infringement, and inducing the infringement of at least three of the 10 patents in the jointly held patent portfolio.
The reexamination of these two questions is an ongoing process, and the tensions behind these two sets of interests can lead to some fractious confrontations - ask the folks at C2NET, the Berkeley service provider that was sued for contributory copyright infringement claims in 1996 by the Software Publishers Association even though there was zero evidence that the company had even come close to infringement, contributory or otherwise.
Only Applewhite has a contributory cause listed of ``constrictive coronary arteriosclerosis.
Industry has learned that workers in those settings were not the most productive, nor the most contributory, to the ultimate goals of the business.
i) "Certificate" means a certificate of definite denomination issued by the Modaraba to the contributory acknowledging the receipt of money contributed by him under these guidelines on the basis of arrangement described herein;
A major midwestern steel company needed to convince union-represented employees that converting from fast-dollar health care coverage to a contributory arrangement was essential to continued business success.
Furthermore, notice and contributory or comparative negligence is not a defense and even if the injuries are due to the worker's own negligence, the owner or general contractor remains liable if the statute was violated.