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Synonyms for contributory

giving or able to give help or support

tending to contribute to a result

Synonyms for contributory

tending to bring about

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In our pamphlet we were interested not just in how a more contributory approach might help better manage the classic risks to individuals, but also in how it might help address the longer-term challenges posed by demographic change, especially for the economic support of older people.
MEMBERSHIP MISSION: Patrick Ibeziako, sales director at Gwent Hospitals Contributory Fund
Tailgating, that is following too close, was a contributory factor in at least 54 deaths in 2006, with research showing motorways were a particular hotspot for this problem.
13 million, representing contributions made by the Federal Government on their behalf was returned to the contributory pension account.
New Delhi [India] Dec 06 ( ANI ): The Indian Army's Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) wing has reached Kashmir valley.
The bill states that all Filipinos will have universal health coverage, including those who are contributory members as well as non-contributory indigents.
In 2011, Coach obtained a summary judgment for contributory trademark against a Derry flea market, which resulted in a settlement that closed the decades-old flea market.
Solid asset quality, solid capitalisation and a strong liquid asset position were also contributory factors in this strong initial rating.
It was a contributory cause to what happened, that's the way we believed, that's what our people were saying, not that it was the total cause not that they caused the thing completely, but that it was a contributory cause, whether minor or major, but a contributory cause.
Contributory Negligence: A Historical and Comparative Study
The Kerala Women's Commission (KWC) is conducting a detailed study about the problems facing Indian women in the Gulf, especially the low-income earning domestic workers, as part of a long-term plan to introduce a contributory pension scheme for them," said Dr Prameela Devi J, a member of the commission.
The South African social security system is composed of three pillars: the non-contributory pillar (taxed pillar), contributory pillar and private voluntary pillar.
ONE of Wales' longest established health plan organisations, Gwent Hospitals Contributory Fund, has undergone a rebrand to ensure its position within the modern health plan marketplace.
Mutual of Omaha's Accident product is available with voluntary, non-contributory and contributory options.
THE CONGRESS has identified media to be one of the contributory factors for its worst ever performance in the Lok Sabha elections.