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Synonyms for contributor

Synonyms for contributor

a person who gives to a charity or cause

a person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution, for example

a person instrumental in the growth of something, especially in its early stages

Synonyms for contributor

someone who contributes (or promises to contribute) a sum of money

a writer whose work is published in a newspaper or magazine or as part of a book

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One of the main reasons we added our list of contributors is to give them the recognition and thanks they deserve for keeping SIAC funded and enabling us to help improve alarm management practices.
Ram and Liu identified seven specific roles that Wikipedia contributors play.
Benefits to the contributor can include tax deferral, portfolio diversification, and a stable return on investment, along with the right to redeem partnership interests for cash or REIT shares.
00(US) or more will be designated as Best of Show Contributors.
Thirteen contributors were asked to respond to a prospectus that several refer to but unfortunately is not reproduced in the volume.
Schwarzenegger is hardly the first politician to blur the line between government and campaign business, or to lean heavily on private contributors to bridge the interaction between the two.
When not arguing about what to prohibit next, the site's contributors often ponder life after the DEA.
Nevertheless, the book is not successful and this for two reasons: the contributors are all similar-minded to Trudeau himself and, therefore, cannot see clearly; secondly, factual information about Trudeau's personal life which undermines the book's thesis is omitted.
Some contributors seem to have written their articles with an encyclopedic format very much in mind.
Thanks to all the Take One contributors over the past 13 years, and especially the government agencies and art councils that have made our very existence possible--The Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Magazine Fund, Canada Post, the NFB, OMDC and Telefilm Canada.
While the primary focus of the book has been to explore the kind of impact globalization is having on health policy-making, the contributors speaking in unison express a vital humanitarian concern that the current forces driving globalisation are primarily failing to taking into account its implications for promoting and protecting human health.
Increasing the size of prospective cohorts and biobanks is one approach to discovering previously unknown contributors to complex diseases, but it may come at the price of concealing contributors that are less common across all the participants in those larger studies and of limiting hypothesis generation.
On behalf of the apartment industry, thank you to all of these contributors who have helped strengthen the industry's voice in Washington.
This collection of essays has its origins in a Modern Language Association panel that Professor Rasmussen chaired in 1997, at which four of the contributors delivered papers.
Contributors reconstruct the body of black womanhood without becoming absorbed in discussions of the "oppressive gaze" imposed by others.