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Synonyms for contributive

tending to contribute to a result

Synonyms for contributive

tending to bring about

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For this kind of decentralized, bottom-up social organization to produce effectively, trust is necessary across a network of communities which, as I already observed, requires the faithful practice of commutative justice, distributive justice, and contributive justice--the three constituent parts of social justice.
Management reported that Norton Brownsboro is now contributive to the positive bottom line, and Kosair Children's Medical Center-Brownsboro has had a positive impact on existing Norton pediatric volumes.
One highly contributive and well run business known to me had to mortgage its pension plan, borrow from family (the banks were in no position to assist) and were in genuine danger of having to shut up shop and go into liquidation.
There are several contributive factors to affect the cadmic achievement among which is the teacher [38].
Washington has authored and led a salvation of central city children, taking them off these downtown streets and putting them on the street to successful and contributive lives," O'Connor Abrams stated.
Encouraging industries, organizations, and individuals from around the region to share the theories, management technology, and experience through the network built by NSR; independently or cooperatively carrying out exchanges and collaboration on information, human resource, capital, technique, management, projects, and researches that are contributive to the realization of NSR principles; providing comprehensive services for members;
You will surely profit form the rigorous yet contributive spirit that drives our Reviewers and Associate Editors.
From time immemorial, women have been more positively contributive to human progress in all spheres.
44) Finally, the principle of contributive justice emphasizes the participative role of human persons in the common good.
Chairman NAB accordingly empowered the Awareness and Prevention Division; which remained in constant liaison with various agencies under Federal and Provincial setups especially the Regulators for improvement in their existing framework to make them more effective, transparent and contributive to anti-corruption drive, the statement added.
From a contributive perspective to Atos, revenue was 294 million, up +6.
And of course, post-Soviet Russia is still a well-educated and naturally well-endowed nation with huge contributive potential in every field of science.
Please, Linda, be less of a panjandrum, verging on the pompous, and more of a realist, by recognising that Paphos zoo is actually well run, providing a sensible and contributive public service and facility of real interest to very large numbers of residents and visitors alike.
Education offers these children a chance to become contributive members involved in the promotion of peace and love worldwide instead.
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