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Synonyms for contretemps

Synonyms for contretemps

an unexpected and usually undesirable event

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It was an odd contretemps, given that Sony and Disney partner in more than a dozen foreign markets.
Infused with absurdist contretemps in the mold of Beckett and Pinter, though with a critically aware, Brechtian twist, pure nonsense seems the principal act here, yet without at the same time shutting down or opening some pretty big doors.
The most recent contretemps over the residency issue began on May 16, the day of the primary elections, when Ed Vecchio, the husband of the Penn Hills Democratic Party chairwoman, said of Santorum: "He doesn't live here.
Marshall's readership includes a healthy number of political reporters, so his four blog entries in the next three days prompted the first round of media coverage of the contretemps.
Despite the constant drumbeat of diplomatic and political contretemps between the governments of Venezuela and the United States, the oil business is moving ahead just the same.
After a contretemps involving a shower nozzle and a bit of confusion over "just how high" she's supposed to turn on the water, she finds herself face-down, receiving an Ecstasy enema.
When you read that a contretemps "should skim lightly over the floor, barely touching it and covering a lot of space," you feel as if you are in the studio with him.
Maureen Dowd revealed in her New York Times column the deep shallowness of her colleague Judith Miller when she described a contretemps of seating assignments at a press conference.
Olbermann noted that before he went on the air to discuss the matter, his staff contacted FOF "for a statement that might disconnect SpongeBob from the contretemps, and outlined how we intended to cover the story.
But you didn't let that pleasant surface fool you: He was fiercely committed to progressive beliefs--a source of contretemps between him and various editors at the Times, from which he prematurely retired in 1978.
He has a piece on his site about the contretemps and offers an explanation as to 'why they did it now and why their halfwit colleagues at the RAIA are very, very worried'.
During a two-week getaway recently, I left my laptop behind and turned off the cell phone (most of the time) but couldn't resist looking in on the contretemps between administration officials and the 9/11 Commission it had appointed and that had published an interim report debunking most of the reasons given for invading Iraq.
The teenager was also involved in the incident that led to McClaren and Everton boss David Moyes confronting each other in a finger-jabbing contretemps after Rooney had tumbled in the box in the dying minutes, then Zenden closed down Thomas Gravesen when he tried to return possession.
Little wonder, then, that the contretemps should end up spawning a book.