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Synonyms for contretemps

Synonyms for contretemps

an unexpected and usually undesirable event

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The book is entertaining and informative, like an interesting segment of "60 Minutes" --which has, in fact, featured the contretemps of the Broward Sheriff's Office on several programs over the years.
Ironically, the contretemps has occurred in a time during which economic and cultural developments are making China's market for high-tech products and services increasingly attractive.
This is the inescapable conclusion from the contretemps between Geeta Sahgal, the head of its Gender Sexuality and Identity Unit and the organisation's bosses.
But they warrant further attention, particularly when the visit was marked by the contretemps over his bow to the emperor rather than substantive analysis.
I wrote my first articles for the South African Jewish Affairs whilst he was editor, and during that time, we had a little contretemps viz a viz Midstream.
The contretemps at the Post was sparked by two tweets by Post Managing Editor Raju Narisetti.
Then there was the contretemps surrounding the launch of the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights, ASEAN's first human rights watchdog.
The contretemps in this case was whether the late Senator Edward Kennedy, a Catholic, pro-choice (and pro-poor, pro-affirmative action, pro-health care, pro-environment) Democrat, should receive a public Catholic funeral, and, if so, whether Boston's Cardinal Sean O'Malley should participate in it.
The latest contretemps revolves around a little-noted start-up in Ponte Vedra Beach called American Keystone Insurance Co.
Following his contretemps with a photographer at the French Open last week, Ian Poulter is adamant he will not return to play in the tournament next year.
The odd thing about this contretemps -- in addition to China's presumption that the best way to prevent an undesired political development in Taiwan is to publicly order Washington to dictate to Taipei -- is that the referendum is widely expected to fail, for the same reasons that Mr.
And there was a bit of a contretemps when he realised my glasses were in the boot.
Infused with absurdist contretemps in the mold of Beckett and Pinter, though with a critically aware, Brechtian twist, pure nonsense seems the principal act here, yet without at the same time shutting down or opening some pretty big doors.
The most recent contretemps over the residency issue began on May 16, the day of the primary elections, when Ed Vecchio, the husband of the Penn Hills Democratic Party chairwoman, said of Santorum: "He doesn't live here.
Marshall's readership includes a healthy number of political reporters, so his four blog entries in the next three days prompted the first round of media coverage of the contretemps.