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Synonyms for contravention

Synonyms for contravention

an act or instance of breaking a law or regulation or of nonfulfillment of an obligation or promise, for example

Synonyms for contravention

coming into conflict with


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The operators can either use a joystick inside the car to direct the camera - which has a 300m zoom - towards offenders, or in "unattended" mode which will see GPS pick up any parking contravention when the car drives past any area with parking restrictions.
The Lower Level penalty charge will be payable for all other on street or off street parking contraventions.
Further, it is alleged that Coverall Melbourne failed to comply with requirements of the Franchising Code of Conduct, including by not having reasonable grounds for the earnings information provided to the two franchisees in contravention of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA).
IFSQ's corporate governance processes and senior management personnel failed to ensure that its affairs were managed effectively, in contravention of Rule 2.
Thus, although formally the degree of social danger was abandoned as an element determining the introduction of certain actions into the criminal sphere, in reality the distinction between contraventions (17) and offences has been maintained, based on this very concept of social danger.
Amongst the contraventions mentioned in the show- cause notice are non- disclo- sure of material transactions under the head ' remuneration paid to the key managerial personnel' and list of investments purchased and sold since the date of last balance sheet.
However, the Registrar and the DFSA have agreed that the DFSA will investigate contraventions of the ROC Laws for which penalties of Dh36,700 ($10,000) or more may be imposed.
Parallelement, le gouverneur d'Ismailiya, Mohamed Imbabi a appele les responsables a adopter les mesures legales necessaires pour faire face categoriquement et de facon tranchante a toute sorte de contraventions ou d'infractions commises contre les proprietes ou les terres de l'Etat, notamment les terres agricoles, afin que les citoyens puissent sentir la presence d'une repression veritable contre tous les criminels et tous ceux qui commettent ces infractions.
Each of these contraventions was brought to the attention of the Competition Commission once they were identified.
North Warwickshire Borough Council has issued enforcement notices alleging contraventions of planning permission for the site at Brooklands, Nuneaton Road, Mancetter.
The measures come into force through powers first introduced in 1994, which allow local authorities to take over monitoring parking contraventions.
But motoring experts say the two-level system is bound to lead to confusion, as differences between higher and lower level contraventions are just a matter of opinion.
08) regarding the illegal smoking contraventions at public buildings.
Wheelclamping may be brought into disrepute if a local authority permits it for what the public may regard as relatively unimportant contraventions.