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  • verb

Synonyms for contravene

Synonyms for contravene

to fail to fulfill (a promise) or conform to (a regulation)

to refuse to admit the truth, reality, value, or worth of

Synonyms for contravene

go against, as of rules and laws

deny the truth of

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A number of bread producers were found to have contravened the law by fixing prices and dividing markets amongst themselves.
Northumberland County Council said the A-board was turned down because it contravened Conservation Area Policy and had to be sited only outside the premises it advertises.
Although the statement does not explicitly declare Pyongyang in "violation" of 1718, diplomats said the finding that it contravened the resolution, a compromise that was acceptable to Beijing, has the same legal meaning.
A spokesman for Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "We are investigating a fire at a property in Millers Dale Close, and are satisfied that the housing association has not contravened any fire and safety regulations.
Archbishop Crawley told the CoGS meeting that he will suspend disciplinary proceedings against Bishop Buckle, whose offer to parishes in New Westminster contravened Bishop Ingham's authority and is illegal under church law.
In the interview which was published in papers across Europe, Father Amorth also criticized the disordered morality presented in Rowling's works, noting that they suggest that rules can be contravened and lying is justified when they work to one's benefit.
The court ruled that M&S had contravened an EU law which covers mainland Europe but not the UK, requiring employers to consult employees on any major business plans, including large numbers of redundancies.
And it must certainly have contravened the popular opinion of his family, especially grandad Prince Philip, who recently described his former daughter-in-law as "odd" and "pointless".
Alabama technically involved whether Alabama's theory of res judicata operated to deny taxpayers due process and whether the State's franchise tax on out-of-state corporations contravened the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.
and] contravened the Constitution of the United States.
But he also left officials vexed by issuing rulings that contravened government policy by endorsing female circumcision and condemning travel to Israel.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- FlyMe Europe AB handled its information-disclosure activities in a manner that contravened First North's rules when the company announced a business transaction in such a way that it seemed to be signed and sealed, despite this not being the case.
Security Council statement "condemns" North Korea's long-range rocket launch Saturday and said it contravened a previous council resolution banning ballistic missile and
The majority of staff tested expressed their support for the policy, although a few expressed their belief verbally it contravened human rights or was unlawful.
The court held that the sheriffs department contravened state statutes and violated the detainee's procedural due process rights by refusing to release the detainee, despite his proffer of sufficient funds to post the amount of bail that had been set.