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having sharp differences between black and white


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Dorsum background color Raw Umber with strong dusky tone (blackish); crown strongly streaked with black, reducing contrast between lateral and median stripes; tertials with black submarginal stripe weakly contrasting with blackish center, or obscured; dorsum pattern strongly contrasty (scapular centers black), with black broadly bordering bully white fringe; (9.
Plain designs make small rooms look bigger, while swirly or contrasty patterns do the opposite.
This way we could desaturate the colors and make scenes more dramatic yet contrasty at the same time with stronger blacks.
We have all seen books with pictures that are too dark, too light, too contrasty, not contrasty enough, too small, blurred, upside down, or reversed.
His wonderfully contrasty pictures made us all aware of the noble, Roman solidity of some of the structures and the simple, honed elegance of their detailing.
For the elongation measurements a contrasty tape pattern code was applied to the gauge length of the sample, namely fifteen white stripes on dark ground.
I find much richer colors working in more even light of a cloudy day rather than contrasty situations where I have to struggle with the busyness of highlights and shadows,'' he says.
The best times to shoot gardens, especially overall views, are the early morning and late afternoon, when the sun is low in the sky, and on overcast days, when the light is even and details are not obscured by contrasty shadows.
However, it is not to be confused with "swamp white oak"--known for its contrasty, two-color leaves, green above and whitish underneath, and plainly different from the "swamp post oak," whose acorns are over-cupped.
Within the vacuum chamber frequently occurring carbon deposits are removed from the sample surface, thus producing a significantly crisper and contrasty image.
After the storm subsided it was seen to have darkened to resemble its appearance prior to the 2001 global storm, appearing less contrasty against the faded Mare Tyrrhenum.
The BAC system does require a nice bright, contrasty reticle so the BAC models feature a dual reticle illumination system.
When the photos are processed, they're too light, too dark, too contrasty, or blurry.
Brooks continued, "The enhanced image quality is another great advantage of this camera - it has the ability to capture mid-tones, which is crucial with the contrasty subjects we commonly shoot and it provides a wider exposure latitude than other D-SLRs.
I decided to employ a long pass red light filter as features on these planets are often more contrasty at IR wavelengths.