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Synonyms for contrast





  • differ
  • be contrary
  • be distinct
  • be at variance
  • be dissimilar

Synonyms for contrast

striking difference between compared individuals


Synonyms for contrast

the opposition or dissimilarity of things that are compared

the act of distinguishing by comparing differences

Related Words

a conceptual separation or distinction

the perceptual effect of the juxtaposition of very different colors

the range of optical density and tone on a photographic negative or print (or the extent to which adjacent areas on a television screen differ in brightness)

put in opposition to show or emphasize differences

to show differences when compared

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Although the report said that contrastingly, Bailey's record in Test games is much starker as he averaged just 18 in eight Sheffield Shield matches for Tasmania last season, however, he may yet be selected in the winter Ashes series with the Australian Test team in an urgent need for batsmen following their 3-0 drubbing by England in the summer.
Jelly Bean, contrastingly, only appears to be present on 2.
Contrastingly, NBKAAEs report also said that although residential sales had firmed up in June, both the investment and commercial property segments
Outside its lush foliage appears from May onwards, followed by candle-like blooms in mid summer, often with prominent and contrastingly coloured stamens.
While each song has a distinctive Spanish tone, the band uses fiery reggae-Latin-grunge polyrhythms with contrastingly cool, dynamic vocals different from traditional Rumba music.
Live Aid was contrastingly very different and important and there was a great euphoric feeling on the day but nothing can make you forget this.
Working somewhere between fine art and graphic design, Carole is known for her series of quirky monochrome pencil drawings, entitled Towers, and for her contrastingly colourful posters of local scenes.
Contrastingly, a sugar-free niche brand, Coke Zero, derives the same volume percentage from only 2.
The boy's experiences both before and after joining the army are wonderfully and contrastingly pictured, with the battlescenes hinting at the terrible violence of war and its consequent loss of life rather than violently showing it.
India's bowlers were contrastingly effective from the start, with Zaheer Khan (3-26) ripping through the top order.
Contrastingly, Montego Bay envisions an island-life existence, furthered by blue and white colours, the natural forms, wood and shells being a key part of the collection.
Contrastingly there will be wall-to-wall glamour at Deauville.
Appelbaum traces the transition from the myth of Cockaigne, a place of copious foods where peasant needs were satisfied and social injustices righted, to imagined utopias in which, although also lands without hunger, food was contrastingly deemphasized, although not depoliticized: utopian dining is symbolically central to expressions of communist politics and reflects an increasing secularization and policing of food practices in literature during the period.
Contrastingly, eAccess has a very healthy balance sheet, with expected profits for this year up again on sales over around 600 oku yen.
The potential gains for the United States from this summit, as outlined in a contrastingly sane briefing by Assistant Secretary of State Kristen Silverberg on Wednesday, include the launch of a democracy-promotion fund that President Bush called for last year and that U.