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A limited number of studies show no evidence of mutagenic or teratogenic potential of contrast material.
Barentsz's own research group in the Netherlands, urologists compared scans done without Combidex[R] to those done with the contrast material, and then compared those results to findings at surgery.
Six of the reacting patients had a history of allergic-like reactions, including two patients who had a history of reactions to iodinated contrast material.
Other indications included a history of a previous reaction to a contrast material (21 percent of the responses), unstable angina (19 percent), and elevated BUN or Creatinine (9 percent).
For higher dose exams, such as computed tomography (CT) scans or those that use contrast materials like barium, the radiologist may want to consider the patient's history of x-ray exposure.
It is also expected to augment ultrasound characterization of specific diseases and improvise ultrasound usage in contrast materials development, signal processing, and tissue characterizations.
The venture expects to take its technology one step further by combining the contrast materials with a safe radiosensitizer that dramatically reduces tumor cells when exposed to low-level radiation.