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a substance that is opaque to x-rays

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A graphene-based contrast agent can allow the same clinical MRI performance at substantially lower dosages," Dr.
If the synthetic HDL works as well in people, Cormode says, the new contrast agent will improve physicians' ability to track the effectiveness of plaque-busting treatments.
Milk may be an ideal contrast agent and play a large role for those who refuse to drink traditional contrast agents, such as children," Dr.
The patients developed NSF within three months after receiving the gadolinium-containing contrast agent.
Among these are contrast agents for X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (see box, page 27).
Keywords: imaging, x-ray, mammography, contrast agents, analog x-ray, computed radiography, digital radiography, fluoroscopy, cardiovascular, orthopedic, positron emission mammography.
However, a small subset of patient groups cannot undergo enhanced liver MRI procedures due to the risks of severe side effects associated with currently used gadolinium based contrast agents.
A group led by Ralph Weissleder at the Center for Molecular Imaging Research at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and Christoph Bremer of University of Muenster in Germany has developed a contrast agent that fluoresces when it reacts with a certain enzyme involved in metastasis.
6 macrocyclic paramagnetic contrast agent Gadobutrol,
List of FDA Approved Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents (
Tokyo, Japan, July 19, 2006 - (JCN) - Hitachi's Central Research Laboratory and Schools of Engineering and Medicine, University of Tokyo, have jointly developed a contrast agent technology for ultra-sonic diagnostic equipment.
Other respondents recommended using the new contrast agent for all patients or giving all patients an opportunity to chose the new contrast agent, for which they would be required to cover the additional cost.
Task 1: non-ionic, niskoosmotyczny, iodine contrast agent containing iodine 400 mg / ml in packs of 100 ml - 40 liters.
At MIT, McGovern Institute Researcher Introduces New Calcium Contrast Agent to Boost fMRI's Unmet Potential