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Synonyms for contrariwise

in a contrary disobedient manner

with the order reversed

contrary to expectations

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Contrariwise, the meeting of Dana Rohrabacher with Altaf Hussain and Khan of Qalat in support of Baluch separatists should be seen rather skeptically as it bear upon another conspiracy in the offing.
A predictive biomarker not only must have a high degree of sensitivity and specificity but must have the capability of improving with positive changes in lifestyle and, contrariwise, worsening with negative changes in lifestyle.
Contrariwise in Nigeria, every generation narrows the opportunities available to the succeeding one.
I myself hold the view that it was not a manifestation of self-flagellation but, contrariwise, a certain degree of self-confidence, which the composer, I think, certainly did not lack.
We have been forewarned of something untoward by our experience of the spinner who crosses the screen from right to left, contrariwise, against the flow of the procession.
Contrariwise, if the goal is to ensconce an aristocracy, one could scarcely do better than to weaken the public schools.
Contrariwise, to the extent that the PKK might shift its fighters, weapons, and any other material support out of Turkey and into the PYD's and allied fight against Daesh, such action would benefit all allied interests.
One of the Venezuelan disadvantages, as many analyzes point out, is a low potential of non-oil products produced in the country and thus contrariwise a high concentration of natural resources, such as a mentioned oil above all.
Contrariwise, AMA gives better results than simplex beyond this value.
Contrariwise increasing polymer concentration leads to reduce the yield.
Contrariwise, the DDJ denies the effectiveness of rituals and the active pursuit of specific virtues when one is according with the norm of the natural (ziran).
335) The author claims that while Patton undermines the role of an individual soldier in war, Saving Private Ryan, contrariwise, underscores it, making the central mission in the film to save one soldier.
Contrariwise, if hierarchic levels of our Church cannot follow your own generous editorial gesture of "retraction"--even up to the summit of Congregation of Doctrine of the Faith, I would be reminded of our reading in Luke (19:40), "He answered, 'I tell you if these were silent the very stones will cry out.
And contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would.