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  • adj

Synonyms for contrarious

given to acting in opposition to others

Synonyms for contrarious

difficult to deal with

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Le roy Jehan fust home santz conscience, mavois, contrarious e hay de tote bone gent e lecherous, e s'yl poeit oyr de nulle bele dame ou damoisele, femme ou fyle de counte ou de baron ou d'autre, yl la voleit a sa volente aver, ou par promesse ou par don engyner, ou par force ravyr, e pur ce fust le plus hay.
No one is more aware of the contrarious and oppositional ethos of this world than Richard, and his aim throughout the scene is to make others aware of it.
But the wind, never outsmarted, always wins: the destined lady will live, in the most contrarious way, by the sullen shore.
This interaction culminates in the speech on "commodity" where the contrarious dramaturgy in the figuration of the Bastard--presentational and representational--culminates in a strange contradiction between the unveiling language of the commentator and the complicity of the participant.