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Synonyms for contrariness

Synonyms for contrariness

deliberate and stubborn unruliness and resistance to guidance or discipline

a fussy and eccentric disposition

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She's there with about 17 others of varying stages of poor health and contrariness, where rubber seats are de rigueur and arguments about who's got the best leg blanket are a twice-daily occurrence.
The book is good to look at, so there will be plenty for a small child to gaze at while the reader tells the story of Alexander's contrariness and fills the child in on the historical details of these heroes' lives.
That contrariness stunned and confused the industry, and this phenomenon accounts for attaching the word "retrograde" to the reservoir.
The effects of this approach (which the artists describe as an area of tension caused by the "potential contrariness of .
I want her to show personality, wit, spirit and contrariness.
Growing up in America, I saw constant protests against all sorts of things but some innate contrariness prevented my wholehearted participation.
With typical Scouse contrariness, we should go red.
Patterns demonstrated here by L/H and P/C depart from each other, reflecting differences in investment leverage and the contrariness of P/C premium rates.
The stock reasons they don't like him are racism, personal and political jealousy, partisan politics, fear of change and just plain contrariness.
Finally, Pinheiro points to the ethos of Jacksonian democracy, which, he argues, fostered a spirit of individualism and contrariness among all concerned, from Washington elites to the soldiers in the field.
49] The probability of a substantive indigenous or modern feminist movement in Kashmir is examined in Spivakian (3) terms [124], illuminated through the contrariness of "Reminiscences about Women's Agential Roles or Lack thereof, 1947 and 1989" [116], and the "Conceptualization and Crystallization of Women's Agency" [113].
AT the risk of aggravating my reputation for contrariness yet further, I'm going to say that I quite like the new Newcastle United away strip.
That means the kind of wilful contrariness which leads him to randomly say: "The Mercury Music Prize can shove their trophy up their ass.
Journal For Plague Lovers is, if nothing else, a fiercely uncommercial effort that, in following 2007's hugely successful Send Away The Tigers, could only have been the next logical step from a band that has always revelled in its own contrariness.