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Because of death's proximity, her mind powerfully grasps the paradox inherent in every situation, even as she grows increasingly weak and infirm; McGahern seems to suggest that comfort may be found in the "horrible wonder" (195) elicited by life's contrarieties where darkness is often a precursor to light.
When we turn to the other side of the process--the literary experience of reading--emphasis falls again on the contrasting and comparing of contrarieties and paradoxes.
1121 There is a "vibrant sense of elemental contrarieties in operation" in the love between Dorigen and her spouse Arveragus as much as that between Boethius and his spiritual wife.
If God were "revealed at all," it would be "through repugnances and contrarieties.
views of a material object may be taken from points so remote or opposed, that they seem at first sight incompatible, and especially as their shadows will be disproportionate, or even monstrous, and yet all these anomalies will disappear and all these contrarieties be adjusted, on ascertaining the point of vision or the surface of projection in each case.
Alienating in his shrill class contempt, offensive in his whining genteel insistence on the insulting insufficiency of the wealth bequeathed him, comically hapless in his deictic sightlessness, he yet echoes the language of underclass resentment, and embodies the exciting spirit of active resistance: that cocktail of ideological contrarieties can become almost a Molotov cocktail.
One of the more predominant aspects of his writing is the treatment of contrarieties that emanate from countervailing images of self in which a division is expressed or implied.
The white spaces between sing sung or refuse and lie flat are Heliodoros' absolute contrarieties fitted together as one sound.
As the old saying goes, the contrarieties and the irregularities are the weeds that bring out the character of the rose.
Arising from these contrarieties, the Union's triumph in warfare, or so conventional wisdom would have it, has come to be seen as a vindication of racial egalitarianism embodied by white and black dancers of the frontispiece.
Interestingly, instead of rejecting Plato's receptacle or ultimate matter altogether, Aristotle reconceptualizes it: he immediately goes on to say that the receptacle is not the 'this' or separate natural substance that Plato thinks it is, but is a principle (nature) inseparable from contrarieties, which he later identifies as forms (II 2, 329b10):
It is precisely their excesses and contrarieties that anchor his self-congratulatory take on human absurdity.
For the scholarly editor this argument amounted to an underwriting of the ideal of the intended text of the work, which only the accidents and contrarieties of production had prevented from being realized.
Her parents' marriage was the pivot from which that mechanical metaphor of contrarieties swung back and forth between clusters of opposites.
There are contrarieties, for example, between the findings of Mitchell and those of Scaglion, Whittingham and Westermark, and others, published within a few years of each other.