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an investor who deliberately decides to go against the prevailing wisdom of other investors

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REASON: How were you different as a young contrarian than you are as an older one?
If so, you may be a contrarian investor, points out Joseph P.
As it stands, this SOIR reading is not too shabby from a contrarian perspective, as it indicates that options players have been more bearish only 19 percent of the time during the past year.
Checking in on INTC's sentiment picture, I see that optimism is quite heavy on the security, which does not bode well for the shares from our contrarian point of view.
Turning to the short-selling community, we find a bit more discouraging sentiment for contrarian investors.
Contrarian investors may want to seek out additional securities with inflated expectations and a weak technical backdrop to bolster short portfolio performance.
One thing in particular that looks attractive from our contrarian perspective is the high level of skepticism from short sellers.
With the recent pullback in the shares, contrarians should be a little concerned that short interest numbers only a mere 4.
While some investors may view this as an encouraging sign, as contrarians we believe too much optimism toward an underperforming stock is a sign that the stock will likely continue to underperform the broad market.
As contrarians, we like to see a heartier short-interest ratio so the stock might benefit from a short-covering rally on positive news.
As contrarians, we would take a skeptical view of DELL based on the fact that rising investor expectations will make it difficult for the stock to break out of its trading range.
As contrarians, we view any short-interest ratios higher than 3.
As contrarians, we like to see a sturdy "wall of worry" in place for an ascending equity to scale.