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an investor who deliberately decides to go against the prevailing wisdom of other investors

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We are now fairly nonplussed by such "everything-you-thought-was-wrong" contrarianism.
But until federal law catches up to California's contrarianism, the future of pot is not such a foregone conclusion.
Washington, Feb 23 (ANI): In a new study, a University of Colorado at Boulder professor has determined that mass media have been a key vehicle by which climate change contrarianism has traveled.
Summary: At the risk of taking contrarianism to extremes, let me offer this suggestion: The global economy needs a "tea party" movement in Europe to lobby for fiscal conservatism there.
Bob Dylan earlier this year released a Christmas album which was seen by many as the latest flourish of surreal contrarianism which has characterised his epic career.
Schuyler's own contrarianism in matters of race exacerbated her discomfort and ultimately undermined their relationship, as her father went much further in political terms than Philippa was prepared to go.
The worldly half of me understands that Nummer negen takes some beating as an overripe analogy for away-from-the-pack contrarianism, with its outmoded, Caspar David Friedrich-indebted conception of the solitary sublime.
The penchant of some commentators and cocktail conversationalists--and even some scientists--to prove their intelligence through "science-based" contrarianism has not necessarily served the interests of science or the public health.
Coldly calculating contrarianism is not to be indulged.
Frank can avoid becoming an unwilling sponsor of a massive conservative revolution on campus by revising his defense of contrarianism per se, and his attack on conformity per se.
As we wrote then: "The lead director shouldn't confuse real independence with mere contrarianism.
Solomon is an acute writer on urban issues, frequently for the National Post, with a welcome contrarianism to the prevailing orthodoxies of urban debate so stiflingly present in Toronto, as in many other big cities.
Of course, I shouldn't be sad about the end of Jim Crow or allowances for marital rape, Is this contrarianism for its own sake or something more profound?
Skepticism, an inherent aspect of scientific inquiry, should be carefully distinguished from contrarianism.
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