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having two or more independent but harmonically related melodic parts sounding together


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of the scientific method of reading contrapuntally and against the grain
Indeed, in their introductory and supporting frameworks, the anthologizers themselves tend to perform, contrapuntally if not simultaneously, the two seemingly contradictory tasks in order to negotiate the double bind of disciplinary containment, on the one hand, and cross-disciplinary dispersion on the other.
By contrast, Gallus writes more contrapuntally when using pictorial motives, such as the bragging melismas in "Ne iactes" (no.
Each variation extends the theme harmonically and contrapuntally using twentieth-century techniques.
That is, two or more versions of a particular lauda (or carnival song, for that matter) may have coexisted: a monophonic version, suitable for public performance during processions or for frenzied dancing around the bonfire of the vanities, and another, somewhat more sophisti cated version, in which the melody is harmonized or treated contrapuntally for performance under more controlled and controllable circumstances and then preserved for posterity as a document of the written tradition.
After a slow, tonally ambiguous introduction in Liszt's typical late style, there is a setting of a Polish hymn, followed by a section in polonaise rhythm that sets another Polish song, the two ultimately combined contrapuntally.
They remained an important ingredient of American organ recitals until the 1940s, when romantic-style organs fell out of fashion and were often replaced by ones better suited to contrapuntally oriented early and modern music.
Dinko Fabris provides an inventory of surviving printed regole from 1507 to 1759 that teach how to play the line contrapuntally with the fingers.
177, top staff) may not be necessary, if one interprets the last E as a two-bar longa: contrapuntally, it makes sense for the previous E (whole note) and D (half note) to fall on the fourth segment.
In two large sections and a coda, the Quintett begins with a sequence of contrapuntally dense explosions in the quartet of winds, disrupted by "quasi Tamtam" strokes inside the piano.
The structure of this intabulation method is particularly well suited to contrapuntally clear music, as is this set of ricercars and canzonas by the Milanese organist Ottavio Bariolla.
For example, a postcolonial reading of novels like Force Bonte (1926) by Bakary Diallo or Les trois volontes de Malic (1920) by Ahmadou Mapate Diagne (both novels were written by colonial subjects) could disclose authorial silences pregnant with sociological, cultural or political meanings, especially if we contrapuntally analyze those literary pieces from the perspectives of both colonizer and colonized, following Edward Said's theorization on colonial texts.
143-53) provide a cadential conclusion to the chorus, and survive in two versions: one is rather conventional, with entirely diatonic, IV-V-1 progressions cadencing on G major; the other is far more dissonant, with the upper lines proceeding contrapuntally over G in the bass, the tenors highlighting an ascent from the leading note to the tonic (f|-g) against the women dropping from e1 to d1.
Thus, we can better delineate and comprehend the various ways in which these related discursive spheres operate contrapuntally in the text.
Thus both the new and the old environments are vivid, actual, occurring together contrapuntally.