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having two or more independent but harmonically related melodic parts sounding together


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Contrapuntally, the novel can be characterized as urban fiction with a Caribbean flare that, nonetheless, has missed the opportunity to engage the humanistic consciousness of the Caribbean.
Brewer does help to dispel some misunderstandings about ideas of Kircher's stylus phantasticus in that it also pertains to contrapuntally conceived works, not only free fantasias.
Set contrapuntally against the first, the opposing theme adds tension but also texture.
The second part contains four essays that work in pairs contrapuntally, one pair addressing The Dream of the Rood, the other dealing with words used to signify "cross" or "cruciform," and any performative signifiers in Anglo-Saxon culture.
One is caught, contrapuntally, between the two readings (and one begins to wonder whether the contrapuntal is the poetic form for the impossible task, carrying on in a form of self-splitting).
Then there was the chorus, always spot-on, hyper alert, contrapuntally ferocious and, best of all, evidently joyous in their carefully structured music-making, which went well beyond mastery of the tricky German text.
Here we are focussing on the dialogue between old and new, in which the complementary new is contrapuntally opposed to the historical elements,' say the architects Schloegl and Suess.
Both playwrights approach this theme contrapuntally, in a bitter-sweet kind of way.
but I also have in mind such terms as Homi Bhabha's third space, Edward Said's prescription for thinking and reading contrapuntally, and M.
29) As it is "expanding," this "improvising community" may indeed spill into many communities, a "church" composed of churches ideally joined together contrapuntally in ongoing dialogue.
The reader wonders whether this section will contrapuntally read the materialist histories of India and Ireland as represented in literature.
Ennis and Jack's relationship was made coherent--according to the logic of the film's narrative--through their occupation of contrapuntally articulated feminized and masculinized social and sexual positions.
He added, somewhat contrapuntally, that we must "trust the prime minister" to determine when the militias must be disarmed.
The rhythmical sensitiveness of effects like this establishes a way of listening that is sustained through the rest of the poem, contrapuntally, against the painless listening of the snow man, the unimpeding listening of that "mind of winter" which allows everything to move at a fast pace, anapestically, with so many similar phrases (like "of--," "in--," "of--," "in--," "of--") that the sounds sieve through his mind like nothing blowing through nothing.
Yet the paucity of the Mendelssohn was underlined by standing it adjacent to Bach's bristling and contrapuntally sinuous E Flat Prelude and Fugue: a masterpiece by a master craftsman with an instinctive knowledge of legitimate organ textures.