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having two or more independent but harmonically related melodic parts sounding together


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About 30 years and a number of recordings and numerous concert halls later, the now internationally acclaimed concert pianist decided to record Bach's "Two-Part Inventions,'' along with another set still played by almost anyone seriously learning the piano, Bach's 15 "Sinfonias,'' which are three-part contrapuntal pieces.
Rothstein's article, proposes four cadential formulae, each of which features a 3-4-5-1 bass supporting a 5-1 descent in the upper voice, and each of which staggers either the 4 or 5 of the bass to result in a different contrapuntal succession.
The finale is unsettling: slow, contemplative sections interspersed with highly contrapuntal fast sections.
The relentless continuity was sustained by an intricate and well-disciplined contrapuntal form.
That gives a clue to his music, which has Brahmsian echoes - romantic, contrapuntal with sometimes dense textures - but tuneful and approachable.
He divides nineteenth-century practice into three styles: French, with mainly homophonic textures; German, predominantly contrapuntal; and New German, combining homophonic and contrapuntal.
Contrapuntal music and a popularized version of chaos theory are leitmotivs in the novel, the former to represent the repetitive nature of history (and Lambkin's narrative technique), the latter as a way of making plausible the nonrational phenomena that are the realm of witchcraft and mysticism.
This is wall-to-wall tap, sometimes performed alone to demonstrate virtuosity, but more often executed in precise, intricate chorus line synchronization or in dazzling contrapuntal rhythms.
The resulting performances, marked throughout by elegant phrasing, superbly clear contrapuntal lines and sensitively proportioned dynamics (consonants not articulated too explosively, sopranos' top notes deftly touched) gave these emotionally charged, life-affirming works an extra dimension of personal communication.
An understanding of contrapuntal structure has ramifications not only for note learning, but for interpretation as well.
Two selections, the anonymous Spagna detta Lamire quarto modo and secondo modo, are reconstructions by Heringman of contrapuntal arrangements that were probably intended as settings for the popular basse danse melody La Spagna, and he performs them here with lutenist Lynda Sayce.
I DON'T know whether anyone has done any specific research on the subject -whether it was a question in the last census,for example,but I would assume that at least 99pc of the bands who form, christen themselves with a name they hope will be on the tip of every tastemaker's tongue, spend hours in freezing rehearsal rooms going blue in the face trying to arrange contrapuntal vocal harmonies and play the occasional ``gig'' to three pensioners with fingers in their ears on a wet Monday night in Rhyl,fall by the wayside,and don't get anywhere near touching their dream of superstardom.
My favorite poem in the collection is "Nous avons tous un grand chagrin," wherein upward surgings in contrapuntal movements are delineated by the poet in painterly brush-strokes, each one catalyzed by the throbbings left by an aching Void - the departed of but One.
Up, a trampoline orgy with performers stationed high on scaffolds, boasts a complex, even contrapuntal design that emphasizes risk.
It's always good when opera orchestras are liberated from the pit and let loose on this stage; the joy on the players' faces was undeniable right from the beginning, when they delivered an account of the marvellous Prelude which lifted and shone, conductor Sir Antonio Pappano shaping Wagner's intricate contrapuntal strands so transparently, his musicians responding so wholeheartedly.