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66) There is in his writings a reiteration of contrapositions between "us" and "them.
As Rodriguez-Rosa reflected, they created contrasts, juxtapositions or contrapositions, as they exposed themselves ".
Finally, the child's actions start to be interpreted as complex contrapositions through which not only can the child oppose him/herself to the adult, but also can offer actions from his/her 'own' point of view.
Overcoming the traditional national distinctions and contrapositions, it becomes the main actor of the international pacification project undertaken by UNESCO, in its capacity of United Nations' agency devoted to education, science and culture, in order to promote "peace in the minds of men.
While avoiding fierce but infertile contrapositions, this sensible approach is based on the assumption that an incentive-based system may be coupled with preservation policy to create an ideal approach to governing UCH.