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on or relating to the opposite side (of the body)


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Clinically, the results of this study can be used by rehabilitation specialists to understand the limitations that may exist bilaterally in the involved and contralateral limbs of individuals with a stroke.
Routine contralateral breast biopsy: helpful or irrelevant?
Among 7 patients presented with a feel of strength loss, handgrip power revealed a nonsignificant decrease of strength in the harvested arm in comparison to those of contralateral arm (Table 2).
This case is another rare example of testicular duplication with contralateral anorchism.
One patient (1%) had a contralateral breast cancer detected on MBI that was not detected with mammography.
However, this fails to explain how RCC lesions can spread to contralateral testicles.
The cumulative 10-year risk of developing contralateral breast cancer (CBC) was 6% in women with no BRCA mutations, 11% with a BRCA2 mutation, and 20% in those with a BRCAl mutation.
Cysts often require surgery, although the patient should undergo a trial of voice therapy first; if symptoms resolve and there is no significant contralateral contact trauma, surgery may not be necessary.
As for recurrence of breast cancer, most have shown no increase in risk, although one previous study of women with estrogen-receptor + tumors found an increased risk of a primary cancer developing in the contralateral breast to be associated with alcohol intake of more than 7 drinks per week.
A contralateral mammoplasty for symmetrisation was performed synchronously on the opposite side.
The contralateral right testicle and epididymis were normal.
The disability of stroke leads to a relative inactivity, especially in the hemiparetic contralateral limb.
The originating of LAD and Cx coronary arteries from the contralateral aortic sinus Valsalva was included into the group of potentially serious anomalies.
The involved (I) limb and contralateral (C) limb data were compared using a paired t-test.
Significant improvement was seen in disease-free survival, time to recurrence, and occurrence of contralateral breast cancer in the anastrozole arm compared with the tamoxifen arm.