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on or relating to the opposite side (of the body)


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Since the first contralateral C7 (CC7) nerve root transfer was performed in Shanghai Huashan Hospital in 1986 by Dr.
Furthermore, it has been suggested that the contractile properties of the contralateral limb might be changed by a compensational effect following ACL resection (Armstrong and Phelps, 1984; Gutmann et al.
87 mm larger than the contralateral IMA diameter was found to be statistically significant, whereas in the malignant cases, the ipsilateral IMA diameter being an average of 0.
This preliminary study aimed to determine the discriminatory ability of the contralateral ear in users of a BAHS.
The difference between obstruction of the ipsilateral and contralateral tubes following clinical treatment may demonstrate the cases that suffer from sequelae of non-surgical treatment.
En este estudio, la expresion de TNF-[alfa], IL-1[beta], BAD y BAX aumento significativamente en el hipocampo de ambos hemisferios (ipsilateral y contralateral a la lesion) tras la oclusion de la arteria cerebral media.
Contralateral recurrence rate did not vary between groups.
Because of the lack of contralateral neck metastasis, the relation between tumor size and contralateral neck metastasis couldn't have been assessed.
However, contralateral acute epidural hematoma (EDH) in a patient who has undergone DC for delayed subdural hematoma (SDH) has been reported with an incidence of 6%-30%.
The actual risk of contralateral breast cancer is much lower than perceived.
However, the latencies of V ipsilateral and III ipsilateral and contralateral waves were not altered.
In the post process, both ipsilateral and contralateral knee joint bending angles in the three directions were calculated by the relative rotation of the local coordinate systems defined on femur and tibia using the Grood-Suntay method [13].
The new device facilitates percutaneous endovascular aneurysm repair, or PEVAR, by providing the lowest profile contralateral access through a 7F introducer.
A contralateral risk-reducing prophylactic mastectomy undoubtedly will reduce the risk of contralateral breast cancer, since you're removing the breast, but this is overtreatment for the vast majority of women who request it.