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(medicine) a reason that makes it inadvisable to prescribe a particular drug or employ a particular procedure or treatment

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Significant diabetic retinopathy is an absolute contraindication for all elective refractive surgery as it can accelerate the progression of the disease with sight-threatening consequences (4,5)
In the absence of a medical contraindication maternal request is a sufficient medical indication for pain relief during labor.
Tanzanian women of reproductive age can accurately determine whether they are ineligible to use combination oral contraceptives because of medical reasons such as blood clots or diabetes, according to a cross-sectional study conducted in rural and peri-urban regions (1) Overall, the women's own assessment of their eligibility or ineligibility, as aided by a poster depicting medically valid contraindications, agreed with the assessment of trained nurses in four out of five cases.
Among patients aged 18-49 years with such a cardiovascular contraindication, 24% received a triptan prescription.
Previously, when I have been presented with a patient with a contraindication to succinylcholine, I have used atracurium (0.
Terra labor management and outcomes in treated HIV-infected women without contraindications to vaginal delivery and matched controls.
In most cases, vision changes are temporary and reversible and are not contraindications for therapy.
13) Modeling was performed in SAS via PROC CATMOD and backward elimination; the initial model included age, sex, household size, any contraindication, vaccine knowledge level, and type of respondent (physician, fire, or police) and five two-way interactions (age and sex, household size and any contraindication, household size and respondent type, any contraindication and respondent type, and knowledge level and respondent type).
The American College of Cardiology has endorsed the concept that patients meeting certain criterion should be managed according to guidelines if no contraindication to the treatment exists.
Until 2002, active injection drug use was a contraindication for treating hepatitis C.
On April 17, 2002 the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) made major changes to the labeling of Cytotec reversing the contraindication in all pregnant women.
Although her status as a Jehovah's Witness enhanced the potential for serious surgical complications, including death, our inability to transfuse would not have been an absolute contraindication to surgery if surgery had been deemed necessary.
Even though we don't know exactly the relationship of estrogen and breast cancer, I think that history of breast cancer remains an absolute contraindication to estrogen replacement therapy.